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17/10/16 Katie Gironda: “The ordeal of labour in the case of vitamin C pregnancies is definitely shorter and less painful. With women having first babies, the average time in labour is approximately five to six hours, compared to non-vitamin C deliveries of around 15 to 16 hours.The megadoses cut the time to less than half. The birth canal of the vitamin C mother is more elastic. We find therefore a markedly reduced incidence of laceration and tearing during the delivery. The incidence of striae - the stretch marks - is markedly reduced, too. We also find the mother returns to normal much more rapidly. That means less time in the hospital." -Dr. William Saccoman "I would estimate that more than 500 patients of mine have been put on the big doses of vitamin C. What I see as a result is shorter labour, sometimes lasting little more than an hour. Rarely do I see stretch marks. In fact, I can't remember the last time. I have seen no adverse reactions to the vitamin C and never a deformed baby when the mother was on this program. The babies are healthy pink and squalling.” - Dr. Robert Scott "There isn't much doubt about it," he says. "The incidence of long labours, stress during labour, retained placentas, and other normal complications are reduced quite considerably. A labour you might expect to take 24 hours would take 12 or 15. Some are over in three or four hours." -Dr. Archie Kalokerinos "The vitamin C babies were marvellous. And what was often so amazing is that many of the mothers I worked with were poverty-level individuals. A large number of them were alcoholics who ate very poorly and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't correct this problem. Nevertheless, what I found was that by supplementing them with vitamin C, they actually produced babies that were healthier than a lot of the newborns in the general community. And, as the babies were growing, they were showing fewer signs of recurrent infections and problems in infancy than other babies. To me, this has always been quite incredible. Even if we couldn't correct the diet, just the simple supplementation was doing so much good.” -Dr. Kalokerinos
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