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Retinol and COPD
Retinol and COPD

By M.M.

This is fantastic news, do not let the system squelch it! Please note one correction: beta carotene (the orange in carrots) for many people is a very good source of antioxidant and it is converted into Vitamin A - retinol. This has many benefits besides growing new alveoli to reverse emphasema and COPD.

BUT: many folks cannot convert carotene into retinol, so a more universal source is fish oils which will contain both the retinol AND the Vitamin D3 which protects your liver from too much retinol.
In response to: Plant Compound - COPD

More results from research:

R.S.: How do you tell if somebody can't convert carotene to retinol and why does that happen. Is something missing?

M.M.: Inquiring minds again! I'll have to look it up. Here is quite a thorough article on

Essentially carotene under optimal conditions takes 6 molecules to make one retinol. Much depends on eating animal fats, especially liver and fish oils.

The point comes up repeatedly, the low fat diet produces so many oil-soluble vitamin deficiencies, which in general render the immune system and repair systems at short supply. My own theory as to why a few have huge vaccine damage and many do not is exactly that: E, D3, A and especially K2

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