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14 October 2013
By M.M.


1. Glyphosate whenever used to kill weeds, does NOT break down in soil, it accumulates, insoluble at pH below 14 (for 30 years) and makes all the divalent micronutrients (Cu, Zn, Co, Mn, Mg) insoluble along with it (translation: nothing you've eaten for about 20 years has much tyrosine, tryptophan or phenylalanine--all produced by Shikimic Acid biochem pathway; all 3 essential for all of us).

1A. Many GMO RR-crops increase your glyphosate intake. Eating most grains does, too, because it is sprayed right on the heads just at harvest time.

2. No problem, your gut flora supply you with these three amino acids.

3. Glyphosate in food kills off normal your gut flora; instead favors Clostridium spp., E. coli and Salmonella spp., which do NOT make vitamins for you. They make inflammation, leaky gut, diarrhea. [NB not a single lab will test your food for glyphosate.]

4. Without tyrosine, you cannot synthesize dopamine; without tryptophan, no serotinin. AKA: you are now chronically lacking two essential neurotransmitters, and Vit B-12 (the cobalt). If you are additionally avoiding animal fats, your brain also cannot repair either synapse or myelin damage. Between my English and your brain damage you are not following this, right?

5. So, you go to your Doctor with severe depression (here's what they were hoping) and begin a career paying for anti-depressants, SSRI, etc. . . . or, you can just go berserk with some firearm.*

6. You are now a stressed out idiot, willing to believe "X" is the problem. [fill in "X"; common choices are socialist govt, Obama, Republicans, "town hall", the cops, TSA. "W".] Oh yeah, welcome to premature senility.

* we, instead, switched to Cert. Organics, and now blame Monsanto.

r: "Between my English and your brain damage you are not following this, right?" Haha. Your PhD is in Biochemistry Marty, not English. You're forgiven. Anyway it does make sense. Your writing is fine.

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