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Festiwal Dyni 2008
Festiwal Dyni 2008

Today, we are officially starting our Pumpkin Festival! For me it is a special day, because it was exactly a year ago, during the pumpkin festival (thanks to the urging of Eli from MyBestFood : D) I started to run my blog. I do not know if it's a year or a year, but in any case, I'm starting another year of blogging and sharing my favorite recipes with you. I do not know if this only concerns me, but from time to time some uncertainties overwhelm me and I wonder if this blog really makes sense? Blogging, however, consumes some time, especially photos, which unfortunately are not always what I would like it to be;) So there are days when I wonder if it really serves something (or someone)? And then I will read all your nice comments and say that it makes sense! Among other things, thanks to this blog I met a lot of people who are virtuous, but for now (with one exception: D) but I appreciate all these 'acquaintances' very much and I admit that it would be sad for me without you now :) So I hope that I will still skillfully find time for all of our virtual meetings;) And today I invite you on a short trip, which I took about two weeks ago when going to a certain pumpkin farm. Her owner is a co-author of one of my favorite books (Mrs. Martine Meld ), the more I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to her. Unfortunately, this year's aura was not too friendly for the pumpkin (a little too little heat and above all too many temperature differences), therefore, some varieties did not bring birth.
#00 Here are some pictures of pumpkins that were available on the farm this year: - my favorite pumpkin ('spaghetti')
#01 aromatic Provencal pumpkin nut (musquée de Provence)
#02 - of course, Hokkaido pumpkin, here in 'mini' pumpkin;) and on its background, a 'triangular' pumpkin Tristar (Triamble), which I saw for the first time and which I of course bought; and next to it, on the left, a piece of white pumpkin Lumina
#04 Of these rare varieties also Hungarian pumpkin (Nagydobossi Sutotok) with a slightly gray-blue color; it can 'rest' and up to a year and a half, in good conditions, of course. For this reason, pumpkins were called autumn and winter 'preserves', because they gave the opportunity to eat fresh and vitamin-rich food for long, winter months. (next to her, this orange, it's a Brazilian variety - supposedly delicious - I do not know its name, and this year I will not taste it, because Mrs. Meldem decided to save the only three copies for next year's sowing;)) - here another ' gray-blue 'variety, this time Australian, namely Jarrahdale; also with an amazing taste, which I will test soon :)
#06 - here are a few tiny pumpkins of Delikat, which unfortunately were very little this year; those white and green in the background (round) is Sweet Dumpling also with a very delicate, subtle taste; great for all kinds of desserts, creams and preserves; and the green one is Acorn (it is not only green, also yellow and orange)
#08 And one of the more famous - Rouge Vif d'Etampes, although it is not the one that offers us the most interesting taste, more visual;)
#09 Seeing all these amazing pumpkins it was difficult for me to make a choice. Here are the ones that finally came to our table and which, beautifully, autumn, decorate our flat now:
#10 (the one in the upper right corner is a Japanese pumpkin Tetsukabuto, it is perfect for stuffing and baking, because it has a very thick skin, thanks to which the stuffing will not drain from it;)) I'm sure if I had my own piece of land that's where the pumpkins would be found. They can be used so extensively! Practically everything. Let me here quote the words of Joanna forum CinCin , (quotation based on the book "pumpkin, melon and watermelon zucchini") : " Pumpkin is little known and underestimated. And there are few plants that can be used as versatile as the largest berries in the world. From starters, through soups and main courses to desserts and drinks. Dumplings, pies, skewers, casseroles, soufflés, salads, puddings, ice-cream and cakes ... In the book "Pumpkin, watermelon melon and zucchini" I read that it was already known 12,000 years ago and served as food for the people of the Ice Age. For Indians of South America, it was a holy plant. She served not only to eat. The hollow fruits were used as vessels and containers for storing various products. They made musical instruments, spoons and buoys, and even suspensory ones. Attributed to her magical properties and effects on fertility. It came to Europe relatively late - only in the sixteenth century. He discovered it for Europeans in Cuba, Christopher Columbus. Who will discover it for Poles? " I admit that I hope that the answer to this last question will be our Pumpkin Festival ! I hope that thanks to him many people will discover and love pumpkins, because they really deserve it!
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