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Delicata syrup
Delicata syrup

Top to bottom: Fairytale syrup, cheese filling, Delicata syrup

Delicata is often a dry squash, unlike other C. pepo. It can be difficult to get juice from your Delicata.
Here's how to get the most juice from your Delicata squash:
  • Pick a young Delicata, still cream coloured with green stripes
  • When you cut it open to bake, scoop the seeds and pulp into a bowl of water and let sit for about an hour
    Use this water, and the pulp, to make the Delicata syrup. Simply simmer and reduce this water and pulp. Separate seeds to use for other tasks.
  • When baking Delicata, put the two cut sides down on a dish; add an inch of water.
    After it's baked you should have Delicata juice mixed with water left.

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