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Got a Stripetti today. Thought it was an overgrown and very ripe delicata. It was yellow with orange stripes, though 3 times larger than delicata, and more of a round shape, closer to spaghetti. The cashier called it a spaghetti. There was no sticker to say what it was.

When we got it home we cut it in half and baked one half, cut side down on a tray at ~350 for 3 hours. The exposed flesh had dried and formed a skin-like texture. When poked, it was soft and broke into strands. It definitely smelled like delicata, and tasted a bit like it, though the flesh was a much lighter colour. It didnt make any juice while cooking, as most other squash do. The shell is unusually hard.

At this point I looked up how to bake a stripetti. Most recipes recommend to bake the squash cut in half, cut side down in an inch of water. They also bake for 40-60 minutes.

We put the squash back in the oven with a half inch of water in the pan.

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