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Commentaires tres excellens de l'hystoire des plantes By Leonhart Fuchs 1549
Commentaires tres excellens de l'hystoire des plantes
By Leonhart Fuchs 1549

Pg 138, 139

Pg 244 (eReader) The names:   Olocyntha edodímos in Greek, is name in Latin Cucurbíta.  The Greeks call Colocyntha by the coast, which is what they mean, bearing a short, short face: the truth is, that it overcomes in size and size all the fruit of other grasses and trees.   The Latins call it Cucurbíta concuruata, that is to say curved figure, because it bends itself to emotion, if there is any case that it prevents: by means of which it can not be freely stopped.

The species. Plyne, in the nineteenth century, in the fifteenth century, makes two species of squash: One is called it Cameraria, that is to say, making it so: because it is because of its branches, that it bends and collapses easily, it covers the roofs, perches , vines, & the only ones, & other such works of gardens made in will. The other is vulgar, dragging itself by the earth with its long branches and branches. We have more in regard to the form and figure of the fruit, have separated them in three, and have called the great Grâde, because it ha fruit & flowers more graceful: the other Small, because of its fruit & leaves which are smaller: & the third Long, as long as it has long fruit.

The form.   The gourd has an embracing stalk, and it rises easily with the trail of its fleches, which it spends like the vine. But because the rod is strong, it drops to the ground, where it meets something, where it can be firmly supported. The leaf is round, not very dissimilar to those of Gloteron, or Asaron. The White flower.

The fruit has the herbaceous color of the cement, and then the fruit, turned like some pear, sometimes long, sometimes short, and sometimes round. The new Squash has the tender strength, the life lasts. From here to the present day, often compare the travelers in place of bottle, put wine of dedâs to drink on the fields when they are thirsty.

Pg 245

The place The Squash has fresh and aquatic places, and does not come if it is not sown or planted. The weather   In Alemaígne the fruit of the Squash comes later, due to the cold of the country, and yet before Autumn is passed, no one dies. We can eat meat every day, as long as it comes hard as wood.

The temperament Squash is cold and damp in the second degree.

The extra virtues of Dioscorides. The fruit of the raw squash, crushed, and dried, appeals to the tumors & apostemes. The ratifications of Iceluy, rubbed on the head of the little children, make the most of the heat of what the Greeks call Síríofìs, that is to say, great ardor and warmth. They are vile to inflammations of yeasts, and to gout. The juice drawn from the ratifications crushed, apart from the fact that with the rosato oil instilled in the air, appeals to them the pain. it has to burn to the skin. The juice of all the squash, very spicy, with a little honey and nitre, must be very painful. If anyone puts wine in the bowl of a raw squash, and yours in plain air, and shuts the said wine in the morning, it will feel no bit harsh on his belly, and amolly.

pg 246

From Galen The last of the ratifications of Squash, swollen with rosato oil, professes to the contrary, against the pain of aches, which is inflamed with inflammation. It also all reapplíquee, rafreschit moderately phlegmons too chaulds. She is wet at eating and is afraid of being thirsty. She does not care if she is eaten raw, she harms the stomach, and can not digest her cooking, so that if any one is coerced against it, having need of better luck, like any ha or To make it, it will feel heaviness in the stomach with the cold, it will return the stomach, and will vomit vomiting, by which only if it will be felt lightened of all these precedents, and not otherwise. It is therefore inconceivable to eat it, and several others such as those which are not on duty, incontinent after which it is baked or fried in the pot or pepper. When she is so, she gives birth to cold and wet blood, and for that reason she feeds little. It suddenly passes through the belly, as much for the lubricity of its substance, as for the common nature that is found in all wet meats, which are without adstriction. In spite of what has already been done, it is not too difficult to digest, because it does not become corrupt. Who would not want to see it? Lise Galien at the second link of the Faculty of Food.

From Plyne Valerian, The old doctors have estimated that squash is something else than curds and prunes. Galíen declares that she is cold and damp, which he proves, for what she is able to say again, and does not care to drink. Likewise, all Confederate things which can be found in the Courge, they have been found to be such that they can not yawn an example or argument of any other manifest quality than cold. Squash, raw and crushed, appease all tumors. Taken as a move, soften the belly. The ius of them (that dictates Galíen) puts it tepid in the airs to suddenly appease the pain. It is even better to stop the pain of the den, if one holds it for a long time in the mouth. Moreover, if you mop it with rosato oil, and you rub the whole body, it extinguishes the great heat of the faire. Ashes are made from the dry partridge to the dry partridge, the warriors burn. We have, after some very experienced people, that the liver can purge all the rotten ulcers in the penis, and heal them. The seed is dried and reduicates in pouldre ha virtue of fill ulceres cauez. No one has yawned to drink it with wine to stop tummy flow. For the rest, the cymes and long kidneys of Squash, gave to the wine with wine and vinegar to the dysenterics, to cure the bowels.

From Symeon Sethi   The well-prepared squash is easy to digest: it generates the blood, feeds a lot: it prevents from thirst: it provokes to urinate, and tired the belly. It is profittable to complexions chauldes & licks. It appeals inflammations of stomach and liver. It greatly injures phlegmatics, and reduces colic. If it is received in a stomach full of mauluaises moods when it is easily corruptible, and generates mauluais blood. It diminishes the seed of generation, and extinguishes the desire to make love. The blood that comes from her is of subtle importance. She enjoys the estomach, poulmon & vescie. The ius taken from the rags of the eye, applied with rosato oil, is very prone to the inflations of olives. ltem, if it is put on whole inflammations excessively chauldes, it will rafreschera has merueilles.

Pg 247

Of the Coloquinte.

From the Coloquinte. The names Colocynthis in Greek, was pronounced in Latin Cucurbita siluestris, barbaric apothecaries & herbaria Coloquintida. In Françoys Coloquinte. It is so called as if one wanted to say, Petite Courge. Because if you make a comparison of his fruit with that of the Courge cultiuee, I will find much less, and turned in round like a ball.

The form   The Colocynth carries long and slender kidneys, and leaves lying on the ground, similar to the domestica cucumber, and chiefly to what is called for the hunchback of the pumpkin, crenellated, and slotted shops. The round fruity, like a ball, very bitter, with a mossy & white marrow inside. The flowers (which Dioscorides has left) are pales and ileum, not dissimilar to those of the cucumber before named.

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