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Ioannis 1581
Ioannis, 1581

Ioannis Caluini PDF - 1581
pg 381 (pdf)
Et parauit Iehoua Deus cucurbitam (vel hederam) & afcendere fecit ad Ionam,vt eflet vmbra fuper caput eius, atque liberaret cum a moleftia fua:& gauifus eft Ionas fuper hedera(vel cucurbita)gaudio magno.
And prepared iEHom the pumpkin (or ivy) went up to he made to Jonas, so it would be a shadow over his head, and delivered with a moleftus sua; and gauifus is exceedingly super ivy (or pumpkin) greatly.

Pg 366 (print) 382 (pdf)

Original Latin Text:
Libenter quidem ferebat, quod Hieronymus nouum teftamentum interpretatus effet ex fonte Graeco, fed nollebat vetus teftamentum attingi: quia haerebat fufpicio de Iudaeis, quod foilicer vterant infeftifsimi hoftes fidei conati effent totam Legem & Prophetas corrumpere. Quum er go fubeffet aliqua falfitatis fuf picio,maluit Auguftinus retinere communem tranflationem. Refert etiam Hieronymus fe fuiffe Roma traductum quod hederam vertiffet pro cucurbita. Sed ni mis acerbe refpondet Auguftino & fere hoftiliter. Stomachofe etiam inuehitur contra nefcio quem Cornelium & aliuni Alinium PoIionem,qui Romae quafi facrilegii cum accufaueranr, quod locum hunc mutaffet. Ego non excufo,fi illi morofe repudiarunt quod probabile erat . Sed quod ad rem ipfam fpectat , ego mallem vel cucurbitam vel cucumerem relinquere in hoc loco, quam mouere quidquam turbarum ob rem nihili.

Fatetur Hieronymus non effe hederam . dicit effe fpeciem fruticis:& dicit nafei pafsim in Syria dicit fruticem illum fulciri fuo trunco:hoc non poteft quadrare in hederam . Hedera enim nifi parieti vel arbori ad haereat, reptat tantum humi. Non potui igiture effe hedera. Ipfe ergo non debuit hederam transferre. Exculat,quod fi pofuiffet nomen Hebraicum,multi fomniaffent vel effe beftiam, vel ferpetem. Voluit igitur ponere no men aliquod cognitum. Sed potuit etiam iniicere fcrupulos multos:quid? Hedera dicitur afcendiffe fuper caput Ionae,& praebuiffe illi vmbram:quomodo hoc potuit fieti? Iam miror cur Hieronymus vno in loco dicat fruticem illum vocatum fuiffe fua aetate Cicii n lingua Syriaca:in alio aute loco dicat vocari eadem lingua Elkeroa, nempe in commetariis fuis. Videm autem prorfus effe diuerfum a vocepip 1 p^am quum refpondet Auguftino.non dubito quin fucum ficiat. Nam fciebat hominem non tenere hnguam Hebraicam . Ergoilludittanquam pucropropter imperitiem.

Ergo neceffe eft fuiffe aliquid extraordinarium . Neque igitur hedera,neque cucurbita,neque vllus frutex, vel alia arbor potuit tam cio exerefere, vt obtegeret caput Ionae.

English translation:
This is eagerly underscored he gave out, saying of Jerome on the new Teftamentum he had interpreted effet of the fountain of the Greek version of the old Teftamentum but were unwilling to be touched at all: because it was obstructed by fufpicio of the Jews, because they have tried to effent over the whole Law and the Prophets foilicer vterant infeftifsimi hoftes to corrupt the faith. When er go fubeffet any falfitatis fuf He would rather keep Auguftinus general tranflatione. Jerome also be transmitted fuiffe Rome reports that the ivy vertiffet a pumpkin.

However, if mis refpondet Auguftino and movingly about hoftiliter. Alina, too, rode in one offend against the nefcio whom Cornelius & Stomachofe PoIionem, almoft facrilegii with the accufaueranr that are at Rome, which takes the place of this mutaffet. I do not excuforum, if they have repudiated the morofe that it was likely enough. However, for the purpose ipfam came in, I prefer to leave or gourd or cucumber is in place, rather than causing a great thing than anything.

He admitted that Jerome does not effect the ivy. the effects fpeciem shrubs, and Syria said Nafees pass into the bush to find support fue a stock, it is impossible to fit into the ivy. Ivy except for a wall or a tree to be fixed only crawls on the ground. It is not possible, therefore, effects of the ivy. And He, therefore, it should not have to transfer the castor-oil plant. Exculat that if pofuiffet The Hebrew and many fomniaffent or effect beftiam or ferpetem. Therefore there should be no men wanted something known. But He could have, too, many fcrupulos on himself: how so? Is said to afcendiffe upon the head of Jonah, of the ivy, shadow & praebuiffe him: how he could do this, it will be done? I wonder why Jerome one into the place that she called him a shrub, n fuiffe fua in spite of the age of the Syriac tongue: the tongue of Elkeroa in any other: he has not the same place, calls man to be called, that is to say in the commetariis the gift. Prorfus to see the effects of diuerfa vocepip

P ^ 1 am, when refpondet Auguftino.non doubt that a drone master. for fciebat Hnguam to hold a man is not to the Hebrew. Ergoilludittanquam pucropropter incompetence. It seems so from now on instead of fuo efTe commetus.nequc I have no doubt which of the new advantage of nefeio voceillamrepeteconfinxerit, vteffetahquidaffinitacisincervocemjvpip and Ciciion.Vccunque we have stated it, fine has been eueurbita, fiuefrucex and, also, they will not care concendere mindful of this, how exerefcere quickly as possible with such a magnitude. Jerome fruricem the effects dicic a wide range of fohis, and to the magnicudinem pampini erefcere: so it is, but if this bush is not nafcitur accomplished on one day, nor two days, ncqueetiam tndao.

Therefore neceffe fuiffe is something extraordinary. Thus, ivy, not pumpkin, nor is there any shrub, tree or other exerefere could lend so as to cover the Jonah.

Pg 383

Et dixit Deus ad Ionam,An bene facis excandefcendo apud te fuper cucurbitam?& dixit,Bene facio irafcendo apud me,vfque ad mortem.
And God said to Jonah, Do you do well excandefcendo on a pumpkin? And said, we do well irafcendo with me vfque to death.

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