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Nehemiah Grew - 1694 - ‎The WARTED GOURD. Calibash
Nehemiah Grew - 1694 - ‎The WARTED GOURD. Calibash

Pg 193 (print) 215(eReader)

Of CALIBASHES, and some other like Fruits. The Great OVAL CALIBASH. In length, almost 3/4 of a foot; above a foot and 1/2 in compass. Its figure answerable to that of a Hens-Egg, one end, fc. the top, being somewhat smaller than the other. 'Tis now of a kind of tawny colour, or like that of an old Pomgranate-Pill. About as hard as a Walnut, and the shell somewhat thicker. Originally filled (as may be seen by some of them) with a Pulp and a great number of Seeds, as is a Melon or Gourd. Yet a Calibash is the Fruit of a Tree. In some sort described by Ligon. (a)

The Middle OVAL CALIBASH. Of the fame tawny colour, as the former; as also a little slenderer at the top, than the bottom. In length four inches and 1/4 and 3 and 1/2 broad; of the bigness of a China Limon. It has a little round knob at the top, as big as a Great Pins Head. The Seed, almost of the colour, size and shape of an Apple-Kernel; saving that the top is shaped like the common Picture of a Heart.

The little OVAL CALIBASH. Of a like colour with the former, but stained with some black Spots. Three inches and 1/2 long 3 two and 1/4 over 3 somewhat bigger than a Turkeys-Egg. Of a perfect Oval, that is, with both the ends cut by the same Ellipsis, yet both a very little prominent, And the top apiculated, as in the former. It seems a kin to the Cucurbita Indica minor Taberna Montani; and that the said Author mistook a Calibash, for a Gourd.

An ORBICULAR CALIBASH. Of the shape and bigness of a Jack-Bowl. The halfs of an ORBICULAR CALIBASH, four inches and 1/2 Diametre.

The Middle (b) FLAGON CALIBASH. Figured after a manner by Bauhinus with the mistaken title of Cucurbita Indica Lagenaria : it being not a Gourd, but the Fruit of a Tree, as is abovesaid. It has a Head and Belly divided by a Neck, somewhat resembling an old fashioned Flagon.
The Belly, about five inches and 1/2 long, and four and 1/2 in Diametre. The Neck, two inches long, and about an inch over. The Head, about as long, and above an inch and 1/3 over. Originally, of a straw colour 1 but by the Indians painted, after a rude manner, with a dull red. The Shell very hard, and about a 1/4 of an inch thick.

Pg 230 (print) 252 (eReader)

The WARTED GOURD. Figurd,and infomefort (a) Lib. 16. defcribed (a) vciBauhinus. Probably, Lobeliuss Sicyopepon c- *• Strumofus* This is above a foot and ? about, near 3 a foot long, thickeft towards the top, and there a little depreffed as an Apple. Soft and brittle, and now juft of the colour of Buff-Leather. The Warts or Knobs all round about it, are neither blifters, nor folid, but emboffed parts of the Rind. Another of the fame Species, but leffer. The LONG WARTED GOURD. Not defcribed. Almoft two feet in compafs, and near a foot in length. In other refpeŁts, altogether like the former. ANOTHER with fmall and few WARTS. About four inches long, towards the upper end, as much over. The colour, and fhape at the top, as of the reft. The BROAD TUBEROUS GOURD. Probably that (b) Ub.i6. defcnbed and figurd in Baub. (b) by the Name of Cucurbita Clypeiformis f. Melopepon latus 5 at leaft of kin to it. Of a Buff colour, as the former $ four inches long, four and 4 broad 5 furrounded with undulated Knobs an inch or 1 ? over, with furrows between each Knob and by the length 3 depreffed at the bottom 5 the top with a knob ? an inch over. The FLAT GOURD. Melopepo compreffus alter, Lobelio. This came from Virginia. Tis three inches long, or from the Stalk to the top, and three and » inch broad \ at both ends, compreffed like a Bowl. Of a dusky yellow mixed with tawny. The Little, Round, Bitter GOURD. Figur d in Bau~ (c) Lib. 16. hinm (c) under the Title of Cucurbita amara, fruclu parvo, c' u globofo, colore uaria. The Defcription lies in the Name* A fort of Colocyntbis. The Yellow, Round, GOURD. In Baub. the Fruit and Plant together, entituPd, Cucurbita afpera, minima, fpharica, crocea, variegata. With a conjecture of its being the fame with that which by Tabernamontanus is called Pepo hv dica minor.

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