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Samantha Braun
Look up acetaminophen and amoxicillin. While you're at it, have a look at what glutothione does in our bodies; because that's what pathway tylenol takes out.

If we want to really pile on what happens to our kids in the real world, let's remind ourselves that Roundup (glyphosate) is an antibiotic... and unless we're eating exclusively organic grains, legumes and grassfed meat, our kids are eating a lot of it.

Please, do your homework mums and dads before you hand that snotty, post-christmas-sugarfied bug-ridden kid any tylenol. Especially if they're on antibiotics (the unintentional food or ones that come from the pharmacy), their neurological integrity and liver function will depend on you doing some reading and learning...

#justbecauseitsnormaldoesntmeanitsright #wechangethis #myscienceisntforsale

And please... learn how we keep our kids well with other modalities and sometimes long-forgotten ways so we have more options than a dropper of synthetic sweeteners, dies, and compounds that knock out the immune system right when it needs support to clear out infection and toxins as it does it's cellular clean-up.

Glutathione is half your immune system. It's involved in nearly every phase of it. The number of diseases, mostly chronic, you get from low glutathione reads like a list of diseases of modern man.

Two brazil nuts a day is one of the better ways for most poeple to raise their glutathione levels.

"Overall, the results indicate that if 98.7 μg/L of Se in plasma or serum are required to optimize GPx activity"
- Stoffeneller et. al. 2015

GPx are Glutathione peroxidases. GPx3 is the deficiency is the D in AIDS. The virus sequesters selenium with some unused UGG codons (Taylor 1995) and GPx3 begins to drop. Over a ten year period it drops to the point nearly any infection can kill. Ebola does this in a week, turning you to soup basically because it happens to fast.

It's difficult to see perhaps how one tiny biological change can have such a devastating macro scale effect. But consider what happens if you have an extra chromosome.

This is one example: Alzheimer's is a cascading Glutathione collapse, and papers in press show causative pathways for ALS and Cancer. There are countless others. This derivative of a nazi nerve gas is going to be in the medical journals for 100 years now. Stuff Hitler was too afraid to ever use it turns out.

"By week 12, blood levels of selenium had increased by 64.2%, 61.0% and 7.6%, respectively, in the Brazil nut, selenomethionine, and placebo groups. Plasma levels of GPx increased by 8.3%, 3.4% and -1.2%, and whole blood GPx by 13.2%, 5.3% and 1.9% in the Brazil nut, selenomethionine and placebo groups, respectively.

Not only was consumption of two Brazil nuts each day as effective for increasing selenium status and enhancing GPx activity as 100 micrograms of selenomethionine per day, but just one Brazil nut per day would have been sufficient to raise dietary selenium intake to within recommended intake levels for the mineral."

Brazil nuts: an effective way to improve selenium status
Christine D Thomson Alexandra Chisholm Sarah K McLachlan Jennifer M Campbell
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 87, Issue 2, 1 February 2008, Pages 379384,

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