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Marty Michener
21 August 2018 ˇ
Brian Shilhavy hits another homer. Thank you!
French Oncologist Analysis of Gardasil Vaccine Finds Higher Rates of Cervical Cancer Associated with High Vaccination Rates A medical doctor in France, Dr. Gérard Delépine, an oncologist, has published an analysis of the HPV vaccine Gardasil on the independent news site, Agora Vox, showing how increased rates of Gardasil vaccinations are actually correlated with a higher rate of cervical cancer. The analysis was publis...
Richard Sexton So it kills more people than it saves, by the numbers. Another fine product hyped by the people that assured us Roundup was safe. Lawsuit time.
Thomas Fairburn These corporations creating false realities are being busted right and left. Time to clean out the barn. Should have been done long ago. Monopolies are un American. Corporations running Government Policy is like leaving children unsupervised. Sooner or later things can get way out of line as the immaturity shows its true colors.
"In Africa, CHAT vaccine was administered only in Belgian-ruled territories: the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) and the former UN trusteeship of Ruanda-Urundi (now Rwanda and Burundi). These are also the countries that represent the epicentre of Group M-related Aids. The Laboratoire Médical de Stanleyville (LMS), which tested CHAT vaccine for safety and co-ordinated the early African vaccinations, was situated just a few miles from a chimpanzee colony, Lindi camp, which operated between 1956 and 1960."

Forget what they injected, they reused the needles.

The polio vaccine spread HIV, period. They was debunked (by opinion, not science) was that it created the virus. We have no more firm answer as to how HIV came about than we have a firm answer on how Marburg came about. We know for a fact the SV40 gene was in all polio vaccines from 63 to 62 and that that these cause human cancers. Again over ten thousands papers were generated on SV 40 just last year.

And why is it we're cutting African monkey kidneys open in Germany? Because we made one wrong decision in 1944 and instead is using a shot that cured the disease we decided for political, not scientific reasons, to go with the more profitable monoculture of prevention though injection, which works nearly all the time except when it doesn't and and like all synthetic remedies has side effects. The gene pollution done in the name of vaccine research is staggering.

As for your other points Barry, I'm aware of the consensus view, now why don't you go and examine this in detail. What I said stands your informative and entertaining opinions on the consensus view notwithstanding.

You don't agree IVC can kill the polio virus? It preserves apple juice, maybe it'll preserve the virus. No no it kills it That's what we found when we tired to use it.Turns out it'll kill it dead.

If anybody has ever repeaters that test they'd know it's true.

If you don't run this test all we know is you won't run this test, not that it doesn't work, other have shown it does and this has not been falsified.

Not at all like Salk. Don't listen to propaganda.

Salk was an eastern European medical school drop out that moved to America and believed there was an injection for every disease. This stems from the Roman school or medicine that documented in 175 the Namibian tribesmen acquired immunity to various poison snakes be the repeated ingestion of their venom, Markus Lucanus noted they were able to tell what snake by the taste of the venom.

This was vital to Rome as the major cause of death was poison and disease and an immunity to both was sought.

Th homeopathic principles of "like protects against like" were "proven" here and arose again in the 1700s for the controversial forced immunization against smallpox by opening a would and squeezing pus from a cowpox infected wound into it which dif confer immunity if you didn't die of sepsis from an infected wound.

After the discovery of biochemistry in the early thirties though all it had going for it was it was more profitable. It's still homeopathy though, it's actually the foundation of medicine. Isn't that weird?

Amway Salk sough to fond the vaccine industry and did. If you don't think he did this for money I have a few press clippings you could look at.

Where vaccines work, that's great. You'd be an idiot not to get or for the worst of diseases: typhoid, cholera, yellow fever.

But the problem with industry now it it's so profitable they don't care if they work or not. The flu shot has been shown to increase the death rate not decrease it. That's the result of the idea we need more flu shots, we did and we have more bodies.

Now what?
It's harder to lie about people that should be dead and are not.

I asked you questions in the first post Barry, can you give me a lone line answer or comment to each instead of a long rambling post about something else backed up by pseudoscience and homeopathy?

Or were you not aware vaccines are actually the foundation of the school of homeopathy that predates modern medicine? By "modern medicine" I mean Hypocrites. You've not read Marcus Aurelius epic poem from 75ad? It's in both Latin and English now, there's no excuse. That's the first mention of what became known as the "like protects from like" which is the foundation of the school of homeopathy.

In 1931 we learned how atoms worked, the same year viruses were isolated. By 1933 we know the molecular structure of ascorbic acid, the mystery substance we die without and within a decade we knew it killed polio and nearly all virus disease.

If we'll just wiped out polio that way, Marburg would be unknown, there would not be 28 strains of flu, plus MERS plus SARS now, and we'd have had a solid foundation to protect against worse viruses to build on. Instead we have the hydra approach. Kill one virus 5 more replace it. Fucking brilliant.

Do your homework Barry, you haven't written anything I could't get from People Magazine. Now look at what the science actually says. It's shockingly different.

What you can do is try to do a vaccine research timeline and a germ warfare timeline and a virus biology timeline.

Now try to keep them separate. I'm having difficulty with that part. an you fix that? Would you like to help?

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