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Feb 10, '19 Toxin Free Baja Arizona 1 hr · "Assuming they are correct, and if those people can be identified, they could be a great help in fighting the outbreak. Immune persons could safely tend the sick and bury the dead just as smallpox survivors did in the centuries before smallpox vaccine. Also, antibodies could be harvested from their blood to treat new Ebola victims." Response: Ah yes. This is a decade old. A lot happened since then. Like the 2014 outbreak. The problem with Ebola is, you can't study it very often. And it usually kills all the doctors and nurses as it did in West Africa. What makes you think the answer is not known? What makes you think this is a recent discovery? Well, it is in the west, the cure has been known in Africa, India and China for literally thousands of years. As of four years ago now western medicine know. Had you wondered by Ebola, which is 99% fatal, did not kill any of the six US/UK citizens on their home turf that had the disease? Not one of six died of a diseae 99% fatal. Why? The people who are immune (note that this article and the IRD press release [1] from the Pasteur Institute in France published [2] reference a PLOS paper about the Pasteur Institute immunoassay of every tenth person in Gabon for ZEBOV ("Ebola Zaire") antibodies. Up to 30% of the inhabitants of the coastal forest have the antibody, but not one ever had any symptoms. Asymptotic patients have been known since the first outbreak in 1976[3]; this is what the NYT article above says.) In 1995 Taylor [4] pointed out UGG codons in the viral rna sequester selenium, that's how it kills you so fast, it first takes out your immune system by dong this; Ebola does this in a day, HIV takes 10 years but does the same thing. There are many articles that talk about the role of Se in EBOV, #Lipinski_2015 was able to figure out how this works [5] and a couple of Brazil nut a day (the highest source known) will do it. Better yet, Lipinski points out this works on "all enveloped viruses". The BAKA poeple[6] of Gabon eat Fika nuts daily, they are the same nut under a different name, also called Gabon nut; the national dish of Gabon is chicken curry made with Gabon nuts. [7][8]] Selenite pills work as well and are cheap (Vitamin Aisle). By now all my good friends take two brazil nuts a day. They say they don't get sick as often. Plus they're immune to Ebola now too. [1] [2] Becquart 2010 - High Prevalence of Both Humoral and Cellular Immunity to Zaire ebolavirus among Rural Populations in Gabon [3] "active circulation of filovirus without apparent clinical manifestations" [4] Theoretical Evidence that the Ebola Virus Zaire Strain May Be Selenium-Dependent: A Factor in Pathogenesis and Viral Outbreaks? [5] [6] [7] [8] Brazil nuts: an effective way to improve selenium status "Not only was consumption of two Brazil nuts each day as effective for increasing selenium status and enhancing GPx activity as 100 micrograms of selenomethionine per day, but just one Brazil nut per day would have been sufficient to raise dietary selenium intake to within recommended intake levels for the mineral." A Review of Dietary Selenium Intake and Selenium Status in Europe and the Middle East, 2015 See also "29 Jan 2015 - Liberia: Harvard Scientist Claims Selenium Can Treat Ebola" "29 January 2015 Last updated at 00:55 - We've now seen several cases that don't have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases," said Anavaj Sakuntabhai who suggested the virus might be mutating. British nurse cured of Ebola credits new drug - and strawberries "Back in Britain, the decision to try MIL 77 was not difficult. “I said ‘I have Ebola, so, yes, I’d rather have that than high-dose vitamin C,’” she said" "“I reckon I’ve had 10 punnets,” joked Corporal Anna Cross, who smiled nervously as she talked for the first time after her treatment at the Royal Free Hospital in north London." (10 punnets would be about equal to two 1000mg injections a day) Why the need for C if the vaccine works? See Marik 2017, that's why. April 2015 - semen found infected after 175 days, twue the previous record. The Ebola outbreak in Liberia is over 9 May 2015 -- Today marks 42 days since the last confirmed case of Ebola in Liberia was safely buried — the period of time set by WHO to declare an outbreak over. WHO now considers Liberia free of Ebola transmission. Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - Ebola Not Mutating Beyond 'Normal' Rate, Scientists Say 28 May 2015 | Did real-time epidemic modeling save lives in West Africa?
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