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"There's nothing for the general public to be concerned about at this time," said Dr. Andre Corriveau, the territory's chief public health officer.

Let's examine that statement. It may appear to be factual to Dr Corriveau in that context, but in a larger context, it is not.
We've recently had a breakout of TB - a disease we fixed years ago - in Nunavut in March that does not show signs of slowing down. Daily there are updates of different illnesses affecting entire communities across the country, concentrated in the Inuit populations in the north.

How is it that the healthiest people in the world are dying of preventable diseases? For decades, and even longer, we've imposed restrictions on a way of life we know so little about resulting in loss of that life from disease and malnourishment - the very thing we are trying to prevent here.

This is what Dr Bhullar said: "Bhullar suggests that a dietary supplementation plan should also be developed for Inuit to combat their “compromised immune function and malnutrition.”

This plan could include providing pills, armed with vitamins and minerals, which would give their bodies’ systems the needed boost to fight off bacterial infections such as TB, he said in an interview from Calgary.

Bhullar said that his research showed Nunavut’s Inuit population suffers from a severe deficiency of vitamins, minerals and dietary antioxidants including vitamins A, folic acid, C, D, E, riboflavin, magnesium, fibre, n-6 fatty acids, and calcium."

Statistics Canada said in 2017 that more than half of Inuit in northern Canada don’t get enough food.

Bhullar on TB epidemic:

article: Strep death

july 17
Probably more than you'd think.

100 years ago, Inuit were cited as the healthiest people in the world, suffering from the least chronic disease and cancer.

Colonial culture set in, with germ warfare, junk food, prescriptions, and laws.

Now they are the world's most impoverished indigenous people, and half of children go hungry according to Stats Canada.

If we can't treat our own people properly how can we expect to treat other people fairly?

"Widespread malnutrition":

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