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Questions Commonly Asked | Biochemistry | Clara VRx
Questions Commonly Asked | Biochemistry


Julie Gentry‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS

Hi all, can someone explain why my doctors nurse would be convinced I will get vitamin C toxicity from high doses?

RS Because they are undereducated.

Please show them this: if an "overdose" of C in a terminally sick patent brings them back to life how it harmful to a person not hanging in the balance?

7500% improvement in survival rates of sepsis.

Marik 2017
Irene Margaritis 17 August We are in week 2 (day 11) for my son since starting him on NIACIN b3 and Ester C. He's on the flush free. He's taking 1000mg of each. And we hoped and thought by now we would notice a small change for the better but instead he's worsened and my heart aches. As i can see him suffering.. I'm not sure what we need to do. Were at our witts end. I feel as though his symptoms are getting more intense. I don't understand. I write this with tears streaming down my face. Any advice please?
Irene Margaritis He's 18. He's angry and his OCD symptoms have worsened .
Richard Sexton Irene Margaritis Sounds like he's too tired to give a fig. One highly probably cause of this is a couple of things you're missing. C is ok but doesn't do much by itself, when it loses an electron it expects to get one back from Tocopheryl who in turns gets one from ascorbate. Additional Glutathione can donate en election but needs Magnesium, Selenium and N-Acetylcysteine o make it. So without taking these other things, you're not getting what yo're paying for with just C. The next thing you want to look at is the ATP cycle ones, Niacin and C you're covered but citric acid in implicated there too. No citrus or citrate all ad is trouble. lastly b6 is as important as niacin in some poeple. Have a look on youtube for the "vitamins abram hoffer took". Try exactly that no more no less. Keep in mind it's not the case you take some and that's it, it can take a while and they may require a larger dose. Hoffer write it should be doubled until success is apparent.
my daughter is 32 years old and has been drinking about 16 ounces of cs for a few weeks. This morning she woke up with a nasty cold. Being that she had been taking cs, she was surprised first that she caught a cold and second that it was so severe. She upped her intake of cs today to 80 ounces. Her cold has gotten progressively worse throughout the day. She has a very healthy diet, takes concentrace, spirulina and golden paste. Any idea why she got hit so hard with this cold

First off all, there's no such disease organism as a cold, she has an infection, virus, bacteria, or fungus. Or it could be just hay fever and shes allergic to pollen. That's what caused it.

The body reacts with localized inflammation of the sinuses. This can only happen if you don't have a strong antioxidant system, which silver has nothing t do with. Let's assume silver kills something, but silver is not the chemical the body uses to address inflammation. This would be by the 4 chemicals in the primary human antioxidant system

In a nutshell, C and E work together by recharging each other. this is very important, you cant take either one alone, they are co-enzymes.

Also, C is recharged (gains an electron) by glutathione, which needs magnesium and selenium.

If you have her take the highest amount in pills available of selenium, magnesium, and Vit E 3 times a day, plus 5 grams of C every 10 minutes, she'll be fine by dinner time.
Tez Noble 27 July 2018 I require a little advice...I may have a peptic ulcer and I'm been tested as we speak....I take very large amounts of niacin about 10 grams plus a day treat schizophrenia ...which has been question is therfore ...can I buffer the niacin with something so it doesn't cause stomach problems potentially...I don't want to stop the niacin etc...please help...can we buffer niacin like we do with high doses of AA...??
Richard Sexton Ulcers are an H. pylori infection. Zero to do with niacin. Take some C and thiamine and vit A and it'll go away.

Derek Neufeld 24 July 2018 NAC. Did Dr Hoffer discuss an upper limit to the amount of NAC that can be taken daily? I have seen where he personally took 3,000 mg daily, but I am wondering about something akin to a higher "loading dose" for a period of time. I have taken 3,000 mg to 5,000 mg daily for a couple of weeks now and have noticed a palpable and positive difference. Looking for more info.
Richard Sexton Hoffer made a point that biogenic unicity ("no two people have the same biochemistry) means no single dose works for everyone, you have t find the right one for you. It may be more or less that what he took. Keep in mind absorption goes down as age goes sup and he was 92 there.
‎Janice Anderson Ryan‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS I have anxiety for as long as I remember. I started taking niacinimide and I see no benefit at all. How long will it take for me to not be so anxious? Is it possible it may not help me?

Richard Sexton No it's not possible it won't help you. Here's why it takes a long time to work. First of all the rate of absorption not great, you don't get all of what you tke into your blood. It akes a while for a level to establish in the blood. Then, consider the cell. Inside the cell membrane is goop we call cytoplasm, it's like the blood of the cell. It has to build up in there as well, ans this takes a while and only happens after the blood levels are normal.

Now, other chemical reactions begin taking place but teu do so at first inefficiently. Over time as new cells are born with a better nutrient mix, this efficiency goes up.

To be honest we've learned a lot just in the past 10 years. Niacin is a good start but, C, E and either selenium or a brazil nut a day is also going to make a big difference. These three work together in a complicated system that has to do with energy. Good luck without them.

Magnesium is also calming, Magnesium taurate the most so.The oxide should be avoided, it doesn't absorb well.

Avoid stimulants of course.

03/05/18 Q:I bought niacinamide powder hoping to use it for depression, but Iím thinking now I need to use niacin. Can someone give me some insight, please?
RS: Let me ask you this question. If you bought a 40 year old car and knowing it has brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, coolant, power steering fluid, differential fluid, windshield wiper fluid and who knows what else would you only replace the oil? For any issue like this first see if it's simply a deficiency disorder, the who most obvious are the three chemicals we have to eat and can not make in the citric acid ("Krebs") cycle, the biochemical pathway behind that boring "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" stuff in high school. These are citric acid (which is most efficiently obtained from, surprise, citrus; lemon has the most), C and niacin. If you're too tired to be functional this alone could be why, by itself. The next place that could be an issue is the chemistry of the way the brain stores memory and thinks, these require a bunch of chemicals, two of which we can not make: pyridoxine and zinc. B6 in the vitamin trade. so you start there. fish oils, d... all those things, are needed too. but these 4 are the most overwhelmingly common cause when in deficit. so, you could start taking one or two at a time to try to figure out which ones you need or you could take them all from a to z then try taking them away one by one, either way will get to the same endpoint.

Richard Sexton Richard Sexton It relieves symptoms but does not address the cause. Upregulate magnesium citrate (150mg) and b6 (250mg) and eat brazil nuts regularly and you shouldn't get them any more. This version is crude and older but it's from a few years back. "Taken together, conceptually and logically, 30 migraineurs were administered 75 mg of zinc sulfate orally in water daily for 6 weeks + one capsule of vitamin B-complex + one capsule of vitamin A or E (first 10 days) which almost cured all of them. Placebo controlled trials with incremental doses of zinc sulfate along with magnesium and selenium are proposed to augment recovery involving large population of migraineurs. " A new horizon into the pathobiology, etiology and treatment of migraine -Ö SCIENCEDIRECT.COM Like ∑ Reply ∑ 2 ∑ 7 hrs Remove Richard Sexton Richard Sexton (Zinc and B6 are implicated in the biochemical processes of thought and memory, all other precursors we make, but we can't make these and have to eat them. If we get low, things don't work. Seizures and migraines have common cause here, and of course too little magnesium and b's make people grouchy and difficult.) LikeShow More Reactions ∑ Reply ∑ 1 ∑ 7 hrs

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