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Leo L. Schwab
25 May 2019 ·
*sigh* What to do with the rest of today?
Visit Coin-Op SF Anniversary Party, an establishment I've never been to, but allegedly RJ will be there? Ghost BayCon?
Attempt tidying of my office, which desperately needs it?
Veg in front of the computer?

Mark Cohen ha, I forgot BayCon was this weekend.. Too much drama, haven't been in years.
Leo L. Schwab I mean if it were being held at the Santa Clara Hyatt or the San Jose RedDoubleLionTreeInn, then ghosting would be worth it, since most of the foot traffic goes through or next to the dining and bar areas. But it's at the Escher Mariott in San Mateo, and the restaurant/bar are well off the beaten path.
Mark Cohen Leo L. Schwab It is close though! 🙂 (I think I'm about a 6 minute drive from there)
Leigh Ann Hildebrand It is impolitic and thoughtless to muse about "ghosting " a con in a public post, Leo L. Schwab. You are better than that. Get a night pass if you go. 1
Leo L. Schwab ...On the vaguely positive side, I'm learning a hell of lot about modern CSS, and wondering how it got this awful.
Richard Sexton DON'T GET ME STARTED. Start with circa 74 roff, Add crap to it for decades, there you are.
The thing that irks me is I asked in 1994 "why don't they use postscript instead of roff on roids and was told "ps it too complicated for anyone to code in". Cool buyt etf hand codes html these days? Nobody on earth. But now do to things ps can do in one line you need html5/cs3+js and there are still some things only ps can do and has since 86. Opera invented both browser tabs and css. One out of two ain't bad.
Leo L. Schwab I think I dislike HTML/CSS for one of the major reasons I dislike C++ -- things that are directly related to each other are deliberately scattered in at least three different locations (declaration, definition, usage).
Richard Sexton Hate it for abysmal functionality, stay for the utter incoherence.
The worse thing is the more you know it the more you hate it.
Have you seen this? It's the best thing I've found.
The ting that irks me is you need three languages, each more freaking complicated than C to do anything. And all it does it put words and pictures on a page. It's a wonder how john warnock did it all in one language.
What has to happen is .ps has to be inline. It almost is, look at what google docs does. I haven't used acrobat in ages.
That relies on a jsps (psjs?) thing that if you can coerce it to open local documents (it doesn't want to) could do the trick. It's worth looking at and I spent enough time at it to know it's gonna take a bit of some nasty js hackery to even work let along changing it. Maybe you should look at it, then none of is have to screw with html, we have an out. Links work in pdfs you'll notice.
A lot of things I've done have a as well as home.html. One day that'll work.
Selectutorial: Type selectors
Leo L. Schwab Actually, the selector stuff doesn't bother me that much. What flummoxes me is the need to create "namespaces" via
s and what triggers their integration or disconnection from normal text flow layout.
As for Postscript: I never followed it very closely, but I always thought of it as a drawing API (MoveTo(X,X); DrawTo(X,Y);). I'm not aware if modern PS provides for semantically annotated content, or will auto-magically reflow page content when the window is resized.
Richard Sexton DIV and SPAN are different but do the same thing.
The easy way to think of the imagine models is pretend you're a 3600dpi phototypesetter run by a 64K Z80.
You don't so much to page layout and manage banding, you only need t render a horizontal slice at a time. 99% of div is that idea. div/span/display:block/inline/inline-block are just lazy ands bizarre.
Used flexbox yet? "never use tables, use flexbox". Never mind tables are just hard coded flexbox.
John Coxon I feel like there's a difference between 'ghosting' (which is where one attends a con without buying a membership, against the con's wishes) and just hanging out in a public bar near to where a convention is at. I presume you meant the latter…?
Leo L. Schwab Indeed the latter. But, as it turned out, I ended up staying in the rest of that day.
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