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Jimmy Smythe shared a post.
2 May 2018 ·
Via: Machine Museum
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30 April 2018 · ·
On this day in 1993: the directors at CERN released the source code of "WorldWideWeb" into the public domain, under the insistence of Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the WWW protocol.
This decision to make the WWW software and protocols free and readily available to the public, gave birth to the internet we know today. #TechHistory
P Christopher Wotherspoon Isn't this the TCP/IP stack?
Allan Hřiberg No, that originated in the sixties. It's rather the http protocol and html which enabled a standard for machine-independent and graphical presentation 3
Peter Forth Allan Hřiberg the origin of Netscape ! the first web browser for the masses. 1
Allan Hřiberg Mosaic was the first one I used. I never saw Berners-Lee's WorldWideWeb in action as far as I can remember. 1
Juha-Jarmo Heinonen NCSA Mosaic is what I used first, then I altered between Spryglass Mosaic (that Microsoft bought and made into IE) and Netscape Navigator, which was a pretty heavy and unstable program on the 16MB Mac Quadra 900 I had back in the day. 1
P Christopher Wotherspoon When were the first presence of web showing up on PC's? A graphical presentation. I remember a search engine that actually gave a graphical presentation that showed clustering of results. What was the name? it evades me.
Richard Sexton I wrote a postscript print formatter and released it on the net. I got a snippy nore it crashed their server and suggested a fix which worked.
So if it's late, it's probably my fault. I'm so good I can make a project late without even being on it! I know he's a sir and all but all he did was take somebody else's MIME spec, somebody else's html spec, somebody else's hyperlinks and made them work together so he could find the page he needed in the Microsoft manuals for Windows 3.11
Gopher already existed and did the same thing. This really wasn't much work and the poeple that invented the parts he used also invented things like the firewall, the mailing list, DNS and the laser writer. Tim learned windows. Cooooool. 1
George Phillips How did your postscript print formatter crash a web server?
Jim St html did not automate the search. Gopher did do that, and actually was more replaced by Google than anything that the web did. I used gopher @ Sun inside and outside the company searching for goodies they had, and used FTP to grab and save them. 2
Howard Jones replied ·
Jim St the apple hypertext is more of a program that was around before html and the web distribution of the data. 1
Jim St replied ·
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Mark Graybill About a year before, my boss at my new computer company job comes to me and says we have a customer that's right up my alley (I'd come to the company from a research background). There are some folks at CERN who want some help optimizing their machines… See more 4
Juha-Jarmo Heinonen I've always felt HyperCard was the precursor to the hyper*media* the web eventually made possible. At least I found it fairly simple to convert my knowledge of HyperCard into webapp development, although it took browsers a while to catch up in the feat… See more 3
Daniel Marius Tripp would love a 68K NEXT box.... 1
Juha-Jarmo Heinonen replied · 1 reply
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