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Richard Sexton
23 January 2019
The Otter Browser is a fork of the Opera 12 browser, later versions of Opera are Chrome.
The Otter Archives are on Github.
Github tells you only Chrome and Firefox work.
Ladies and germs, we have a weiner.
11 6 comments
James Sterbenz Have you used Vivaldi?

Richard Sexton Only works on new computers. It worked on things not the latest Windows for a while but not any more. 3.4 of the worls uses XP and is never going to change and they appear to be going out of their way to make it stop working.
Ken Thornton I'm sticking with Brave. No photo description available.

Richard Sexton 641 https upgrades and it still doesn't work for the intended purpose of security and in fact makes the problem worse, far worse and use of these new non working and very slow https protocols only does one thing perfectly. They know exactly who you are and can track you with evidence that will hold up in court. You can't do that with http. The cryptographer that pointed this out points out the only real time safe encryption is elliptical curve cryptography then we found some curves had been backdoored by the NSA. This is all a matter of public record.
Ken Thornton Brave is the fastest and most ad-free. Back in the day I built hardware for the NSA. Unless you live in a cave they got your number.

Richard Sexton I know that and don't care. What I object to is this makes the browser 20X slower and we gain nothing. Who's driving this ship anyway? Who decides these things? Not the IETF, they're a marketing organisation and don't do policy (unless it suits them).
Have you noticed that everything you do you don in program now, the web browser? And only the most recent one "works" despite the fact standards stopped changing in 2005?
A web browser reads html files. Acrobat reads pdf files. They both can do all the things you do here but anything except a) a browser and b) the latest one wil not work
Combine this with the fact html is a joke and the postscript imagine model was the way to go (ref: the guy responsible for html) and still is, really makes me question just what the hell is going on. This is not tech this is a fucking omnishambles.
Reimagine all this with a pdf, not html reader and none of the bullshit with icann and the US intelligence interests that took over the day the NSF stopped funding this stiff. I ws there an saw it happen. I was there in Berlin when the US government signed away the internet to quote Don Telage. Who was also there.
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