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Davide Ricco
2 May 2019 ·
A thing that made me pretty upset: in my school there is a teacher that is also a UNIX veteran (he used to work with Solaris. He also uses BSD and Linux).
In a class, his students wrote "UNIX" on a piece of paper, and they sticked it to a trashcan.
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Patrick Côté Fools, had they written NetBSD and stuck that to the trash can, they would've had a new computer
Bob Darlington A guy in a talk I liked pointed out two things that hit hard. One, UNIX is dead. Two, anything else is a rounding error. 1
Chris Smith Sentiment like this is usually wishful thinking from misguided Windows fans and nothing more.
Bob Darlington Except this guy was a due hard Linux guy. I'll dig up the talk. It was actually useful.
Bob Darlington
The Tragedy of systemd
Daniel Cave Anyone who makes the claim that Unix Is dead clearly doesn't know what they're talking about... I work in probably the largest telecoms and satellite TV companies in Europe and pretty much all our video and on demand systems all run on Linux 9
Andrew MacBride Plus nearly every smartphone/tablet in existence is either FreeBSD or Linux derived. 6
Chase Rayfield Andrew MacBride Orbis OS on the PS4 Is also derived from FreeBSD 9.
Chris Taylor Linux isn't UNIX 1
Tom Cloud Poor misinformed kids. One must feel sorry for them for when they go out into the job market, they'll learn otherwise. My IBM ESXi servers use Linux, VMware uses Linux, etc... 6
Andrew Greimann Tom Cloud GNU is Not Unix though 🙂 Linux is the kernel 😉

Richard Sexton unix is in phones. windows is on desktop. ther are more phones than computers. Unix is the most widely used operating system on this planet and nearby space. 5

John Pipkins We can only hope they are eunuchs (see what I did there!!) and there misguided beliefs will die with them... (I'm joking) 2
Christopher Stith QNX is roughly Unix. z/OS is certified Unix. Apple macOS is certified Unix. FreeBSD, The NetBSD Project , Openbsd, MidnightBSD, and DragonFly BSD are descended from BSD Unix. Minix is basically Unix and is in the Intel ME. Even if you don't call it Unix, Linux varies less from Unix than various vendor versions of BSD vs System V varied form one another before the SUS and reunification, and distributions of that run on almost anything NetBSD will. AWS is Linux. Docker is Linux, even when it's on Windows. WSL is new work by, of all software companies, Microsoft. The majority of systems on Microsoft Azure are Linux. Google runs primarily on Linux.
Phones are Android (Linux), iOS (mach/BSD), or some other Unix.
TVs run Unix.
Door locks run Unix. 6
Liam Proven Minix *3*. A totally different OS from Minix (which is normally taken to mean Minix 1, the inspiration and original host OS of Linux. Minix 2 was more obscure but is basically very similar to Minix 1.)
Minix 1 & 2 are traditional monolithic kernels.
Minix 3 is not. It is a true multi-server microkernel OS, unlike say Mac OS X. Minix 3 one of the most complete, functional microkernel Unixes in the FOSS space, as well as one of the most widely-distributed and widely-used Unixes at all, even though most people never know it's there.
Francois Laagel I am not sure the Intel ME is a good reference though. 1
Oleg Pyzin I think each student has got a computer. A very interesting Which operating system is on that computer(s)? 1
Davide Ricco Author Oleg Pyzin IDK, i bet Windows, or MacOS. Probably few students have Linux, and even fewer have a PC with BSD (i think i'm the only one who used NetBSD). 1
Oleg Pyzin Oh! Windows, Windows. Except Windows all other operating system are like UNIX operating system. Windows has been a good operating system for the 80186, 80286 CPU (Windows 3.1, Windows XP), but not now.
Doug McLaren Kids trying to be edgy. 3
Oleg Pyzin I think we must to explaining and teach our youth.
Davide Ricco Author The proof No photo description available. 1
Jules Richardson Is that trash, or recycling?
Liam Proven Unix *ought* to be dead. We should all have moved on to Plan 9 30 years ago, and from Plan 9 to Inferno another decade after that.
Francois Laagel That's what Lucent had in store. Is it really better?
Wolf N. Paul Francois Laagel And Lucent is gone, swallowed up first by Alcatel, then by Nokia ...
Liam Proven Yes. Unix doesn't have any built in networking. All the "everything is a file" stuff goes out the window when it comes to networking.
Plan 9 fixed that. It abstracts the network into the filesystem. All the machines become one cluster (so long as they all have the same CPU type, anyway.). It's also dramatically simpler in places. It imposes strict rules on C to make it a better language that's faster to compile.
Plan 9 was Unix version 2, built for the 1980s, borrowing ideas from systems that came after Unix such as DEC VAX-VMS.
It does have a very weird UI though.
The Unix world ignored it. They had something good enough that sort of worked.
Inferno carries all that forward but also abstracts away the CPU architecture. It has a better, safer language than C, with a smart runtime which means that any program can run on any CPU type. True portable binaries. A better Java than Java, right in the kernel.
And it recognises that Plan 9's UI is too weird for ordinary people, so it has a slightly more standard one. It's Unix redesigned and updated for the 1990s, with better networking, a smarter runtime environment, and designed to run on the metal or under other OSes or inside web browsers as the plugin to end all plugins.
And the Unix world ignored it, too, because after wasting 20 years fixing the worst of the flaws in Unix and extending it into 57 proprietary varieties, it threw all that effort away and reinvented the same 1960s OS again but as open source this time.
Nothing has moved on. It's the same old same old, but more of it.
Unix had a future, but the Unix fans clung to the past instead.
We haven't even got proper microkernel designs yet.
We have totally failed to move on. 3
Chris Smith Oh, Plan 9 is incredible, but it never moved much past the research project stage. It's a fine OS, to be sure.
Liam Proven Partly because it wasn't FOSS. But there is 9front:
And Jehanne OS:
It isn't dead.
Chris Taylor 1) Strictly Linux!=UNIX
2) There are only 2 (or maybe 3 if Solaris hasn't been properly shutdown) Commercial UNIX O/S being actively developed, macOS and AIX, and its rumoured AIX will soon be falling by the wayside.
So when people say UNIX is dead, I guess that depends in whether that's a measurement of current use, or active development. 1
Trevor Paquette Technically, Linux is a Kernel, not an OS. Ubuntu is an OS distribution based on Linux as is core kernel. As is CentOS, Red Hat, Raspian, Debian, Fedora, etc.. etc.. etc.. IMHO. People have just called any Linux kernel based OS distribution as "Linux", to make things easier.
Chris Taylor Yep, absolutely 🙂 Simiarly NeXTStep is a BSD(ish) Operating System, based on a Mach Kernel.
Carlos Jorge Chris Taylor Believe it or not, so are Apple Macbooks. Mac OS X, the operating system used on Apple's desktop and notebook computers run on the Unix operating system, Most people think its just a cool graphical OS , but the engine is pure unix
Chris Taylor Mac OSX (or macOS) was bought from NeXT when they bought Jobs back, so yes it was a bsd'ish O/S on a Mach kernel. Now it is one of the few that has been UNIX ratified.
Carlos Jorge Unix Admins are still one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Our US Navy , US Gov , State Gov all have high paying Unix jobs! 4
Carlos Jorge Personal Experience 6k at Minnesota State gov. They are always looking for people. Wisconsin State gov. Navy Base San Diego. My son is 27 yo and has his HOUSE paid off there in a beautiful city. The bonus pay for Linux/Unix/BSD,Solaris Admins is phenomenal . Oh and if you can do a little shell programming in Python or Unix pipe hacks you will sorely be missed when you retire. 😜 4
Michael Ross
Master Foo Discourses on the Graphical User Interface

Jake Roberts The BSDs are Unix. They just can't use the name.
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