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1587| 1615
Historia generalis plantarum Dalechamps and Rouillium 1587
Historia generalis plantarum
Jacques Dalechamps with Gulielmum Rouillium, 1587

Pg 318

Cucurbita guidem,& Cucumeritum maturo,tum ante maturitatem,ad haec & Μelopeponi nulla adstringens qualitas ineft, Μoris vero, & potissimum cum nondum admodum maturuerint, qualitas eiusmodi conspicue ineft,immaturioribus autem, simul & acida.

Pumpkin Guides, & Cucumeritum not yet perfected, and who, in fulness of time, & Μelopeponi no binding it with the quality of the unbridled, for these things, Μoris, however, not yet & very pleased with the most of maturity, and quality is noticeably unbridled, of this kind, immaturioribus, however, at the same time & acids.

Pg 606

Nunc cartilagine generis planta cucurbitas scilicet, & cucumeres, arque id genus alias per horti nostri areas digeramus. Κολόκuυθα,θη, Κί:3 κολοκuύθη & κολάκμυτα Graecis, Latinis Cucurbita dicitur, a concuruatu,quod facile fi quid obstiterit, aut fuerit impedimento quo minus extendatur, incurvesco. Graeci,vt seribit Ruellius, ex adverto vocabulum imposiere, colocyntham nominantes, quod scilicet pumili breuésque sint fructus, quos ipfa pafsim enititur, cum corporis mole omnes herbarum arborum ve fructus videantur superare.

Now the sole of the cartilage of the genus that is gourds, and cucumbers, to inject the areas that serve to digest of this kind boards made he for our garden. Κολόκuυθα, θη, Κί: 3 κολοκuύθη & κολάκμυτα and Greek Pumpkin is called a concuruatu is easily thwarted by what is or is not interfered with extended berries. The Greeks, as the scribit Ruel, I observe that, from the name of being imposed upon, Colocynthis those who name, that is that they are the fruit of pumili breuesque, of whom I ipfa países it is brought forth, or the fruit of the trees: when they may be seen of the body to overcome the weight of all the of herbs.

Εuthydemus, squash onto the Indicum cucumerem, the seed of her native India reported. Μenodorus pumpkin, said two effects, one kind, which σικύκ, that is, the cucumber, the other is κολοκuύθη. Ηelefponti at length to call σκύας, cucumbers, pumpkins round. Τanta forward is the nature of relationship between the pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, and melopepones, as is often the property, and the names of the Greeks confusion.

It will also serve as a tool ventricosum attachment to the body or in spirit, even a slight incision draws blood, Greeks σικύαν a cucumber, a pumpkin by a decrease in Latin called cucurbitulam. Globofis to the very deeply withered, however, the gourd and, from the beginning, they came into the the use of physicians. Νow the air, a horn, glass invent. There are two most important kinds of Squash.

Pumpkin of fate flue, horticulture the things that κoλόκuυθα έδιώδιμος, that ell, pumpkin edulis is said to be, Αrabibus Ηaraha, Hara, or Charb, Zucca the Italians, the Germans, Κurbβ, Ηispanis Calabazza, when the French courge, & Coucourde.

Pg 607

Other rural mentioned later. Latin flue pumpkin ball to swell, fine mince extends the length of the same name are complex, not only because of differing forms, nature and strength of safety. It can be those to be fashioned in the form of art they will easily, for variety, a variety of a species of it, however, as we will say Ηerbarij & forms, to the & enumerates the places that are distinct. Pliny makes two kinds of squash.

The one with the whip creeping up the walls, the roof and the rough nature of high a ends. The forces are not equal to the end of the support of the stand, the velocity of the compass is swift, pergolas, covered with a light, and the shadow of chambers; hence it is called the chamberlain. Other one is of low to the ground and crawled.

In the previous surprisingly refused to stalk weight leveled without moving breeze. Pumpkin, too, in every way, is represented, in a sheath, the most important twigs, soapwort is in them, after it petals. Which is constrained to a growth in the form of, for the most part and the shape of the dragon intοrti. Where freedom is, however, seemed to have already been granted to nine of the feet of the length of the terrace. Εx be clear to the categories that form looked make up to Herbarij, squash Camerariorum and a common species.

They say that one fcilicet an adult, and the other was the least of them. Μaiorem call from flowers and fruit to the larger size. Μinorem which is less than equal. Τertiam longer oblong fruit. Μatthiolus also reports a threefold effect pumpkins. Long, round and fefSIli. Pumpkin with whips, long, long, farmentofis, you are bound, angulofa, the vine, and crawled along the ground, it spreads out; fefe way, unless beyond the props of ago gained possession, which keeps capreolis lords, high fecus leaves of the fingulos whom it produces, it is easy also with the trees and pergolas scant comprises iifdem

They say that one ie, the major and the other was the least of them. Μaiorem call from flowers and fruit to the larger size. Μinorem which is less than equal. Τertiam longer oblong fruit. Μatthiolus also reports a threefold effect pumpkins. Long, round and fefSIli.

Pumpkin long whips, long, sarmentosus, you are bound, angular, the vine its way; it inspires among all creeping creeps upon the feathers, save the props of ago gained possession, which keeps capreolis lords, high, which otherwise leaves the individual, produces, it is easy to embrace the same also with the trees and pergolas scant dit, and assert that for them there is implied, the leaves, of 'distance from forth that which is everything, namely, each of the petioles located here, it was quite round, except the most front part of the pointed toward the corner, they drew out, under the rapids, the touch of the soft, however, lightly, your hairy, large and stately very young man, blamed for the leaves, there was not much unlike objects of sight, the flowers are in accordance with the tendrils, and leaves of the white men, the figure of Liliaceae, or the last five the stars leaves the flanks of rough the inside part sterile and fertile part, that they are recognized so easily.

Barren short, then they have in the middle of the vowel-points, & more hairy they are, not in what, pedicel are joined to the truffle flue chapter of any help from intercedes, that should be the fruit of hope for one: fertile, however, in the midst of three rather stout bisidáque the threads they contain, was not at once, pedicel they're: for they are among them and the louse on the chapter as a little one and treated only hirsutism swells out, the gourd of the future, in the strait is the neck, and ends up in accordance with is attached to something, which is little by little added to his drooping flower, and then in the of a great and a long large amount, and which we call a gourd to grow to maturity.

The fruit is first herbaceus, and its downy, soft skin, pulp is white, a taste of sweetness, maturity, honeycomb, hard shell, pulp spongy, thighs full. It & flat are compressed, and the other part of the acuminate, and that the skin of the two eminencies, as it were, the other latuiscula, of which the bark of a woody & white is, of Pupins that includes a core of sweet. Τota plant roots grounded shining diftracta many roots. Pumpkin cameraria larger flue fefSIli sprigs, leaves, flowers and seeds is similar to the previous fruit a difference in this world gathering swelled craffusque & the side protector.

Pg 608

This close to cucurbita cameraria minor, fine round, except that the lower seed, and its fruit in a short thick concentrating oblong narrow neck. However, the various forms cucurbitatum gardener skill can reproduce.

For the seeds of which are near to the neck, towering bodies produce gourds: Moreover, by the lowest depths, but not can provide to what was said above: that is in the middle of the round like: things that are in the sides of the thick, short hair. But if it is done to the heart, we demonstrate that a greater growth, its top inverted upside down from the middle of a pumpkin seed. They come when they are dried by the use of: the wine of heaven and forth at her and then to another to be founded, that belly with more capacious than the rest of the instumescent, who passed by almost all of the vessels of other organs.

Which are prepared to seeds, as far as; depedeant to the Winter time, in its own life, and then dried in the sun, or with smoke, to prevent seeds have rotted are not lost. There are also other kinds of of foreign origin of Cucurbitaceae, which they say have been from the the West Indies were carried away, from which, squash Indica many people named. These size, shape and colors differ, yet all of melopeponum shape, it added.

Pg 609

Others are great, some small, others in between. Others round like this is exhibited. Other to an oblong, & that is depicted here, such as it is, the fruit of which is quite a yellower, the name of the cucumber Τurcici Fuchs, whom he depicts. There are various color. Leaves are more larger, more passions will than our troops, whether to use more solid, pangs, shriveled up, rigid, pedicel attached shoots and thick, angular, pangs, & have bristly, which requires a long crawls the on the earth, in their diffusion, on poles, too, and the other supports to sustain the pergolas & huts are not measured by & towering: the flowers are to them, big, lilies shaped golden color as the fruit plucked summer, which kept the entire winter in the kitchens, including large seed, almond kernels shape in which the core of sweet and savory. No flavor these pumpkins that of our is so weak.

To the following system of on to add Dalechampius gourd of covered with warts, which the other pumpkins root, a leaf, spring flowers, the tendrils, is like the is, the fruit differs from, those in other regions of the left and the plane bark is over the apex, the costae, however, are reported to raising their & eminent examples of this, in this Warts Acrochordon only the most persistent of them tuberosus is, of sport: lasciuientisq, looked on the spectacle of nature. In addition, gourd of laciniatim called, and washed his occasion, a peponis wide at the name of the according to the writing of Dodona, whose fruit remains compressed, is, round, & broad, thin & soft, the bark of trees, covered, in the context of laciniatus: CLY pei this form of matter, inside the seed list contains, cucumber seed, similar, but larger. Commonly known as the oreilles.

Pumpkin is also found in the wild, said Pliny Somphos Greeks called empty (hence its name) digital thickness, not only in rocky soils. Ηuius chewed fruit of the stomach is very helpful. Pumpkin cloth, some people think it to be. Α gourds, pumpkin, also called the wild, is far from equal.

The pumpkin somphos Ρlinij Μomordica is our opinion of the experts herbalists. He loves pumpkin irrigation and dung, it will not save the fate of the points, aided by much moisture. Irrigation and the end of many things which, however, became quite well, the fruit of a more agreeable flavor and yield. Finding a supply of water require less care. Faster in warmer areas in cold place slowly. Squash tenuiorésque The longer the food, the more acceptable to Pliny and therefore more wholesome things hanging up causes, such as a very small amount of seed, the hardness of the food favor terminating them. lnuenta the argument on which the food is also greater care, and the same way, a melon, almost as far as the proceeds of the others, and is what happens in the brine is made.

But also in a ditch, and shade in the place where the sand of the substrate, and then follow the foenoque the earth dry-covered, green be saved they send home. These Pliny. Ηodie Genuens its pumpkin on long bandages carefully and cleverly quartered in folate dry the whole year SWEETISH and stored as a little sugar to keep bandages, so much hotter is air in that province benefit the broth eat nearly five times the scale affibus sale.

Pg 610

Raw, indeed, pumpkin tis unpleasant to pass, for this is taught by Galen, and stomach, it hurts the, & to be digested is the most difficult: so much so that if any of the other food is the lack of a gourd to eat, subject to compulsion, podum cold in the stomach, to devote yourselves to feel stomach that has been stripped, and the vomituriat, in which the folc of the vomit from the under the pressure of symptomatis will be able to be avenged . That is most other fugacium after they are cooked, or at least immediately, or in a pan fried or roasted meat, all to eat normally. Pumpkin boiled, however, has no evident quality of the taste.

Wet and cold, and therefore small pores provides nourishment to the heart. It is easy, however, on account of substance with the sinks below the slipperiness of his own, as well as on account of the character of the common of all meats moist, ie are on this side of openings of the moist. Is baked in response to this again are not difficult, if it was not the way mentioned previously, corrupted. On the other hand occurs when it is ready for νitiose has been, in the stomach, or the juice of a despicable general has been the energies, sometimes, however, that in the day, she comes to pass, they are the balance of commonly occurs for others and also for all those flying with which the wet.

For the inside of the stomach rapidly, take possession of to subside things they are corrupted. As, therefore, a pumpkin as much as it is in its very self, who is in the same juice is distributed to the whole body of feeding with the grace of God, he hath whereof he had himself to the sense of quality, that is, when any one of them, which is arduous, and whose quality is mixed with the salty, or has been, it is easy to him, likened to. A roast again, or in those fried in a pan, and deposits in the humidity as greatly, indeed, of one's own, none of the rest of the pre-eminent place to its ability, simple to use since it is not established in the law has first been prepared. However, because of the nature of a watery meet the innate merit rejoices oregano.

All of these substances searing or acids, or sharp, or a salt mix demand, if only for food and sweets are the future, and nausea do not have a child. So far, however, with regard to the use of of using in medicine, Galen in the moist of cold; writes temperature effects, both to quality in order. And so it the juice of the ear 's relieved by it with a phlegmon of his chips with the oil of roses is a good idea to harness all these effects. In this way, too, the whole of the inflammations of the hot and locally applied after cilid is rather refreshing. Ιn food and moisture to the drought propelΙens. Dioscorides, edible gourd said that raw minced applied tumors and abscesses, mitigates.

The shavings and heat of his head against the little ones, they call it in the forepart of the head are smeared in which the siriafin: foot-rot, and inflammations of the eyes, and cool them. By means of a mixture of crushed, the juice out of the other or with the rose oil is is infused into the pains of the ears help: the flames of the burning of the skin on a fever is applied is, it gets help. Tοtius heated and juice with honey and small, nitre drinks, seams gently thereof. In recent hollowed gourd of wine was poured, the mixture should be kept under air, drink or mitigate seams.

This was the opinion of the Greeks is read χs εί τις κοιλάα, αυτήν ωμην εγχεά, τε οινον, και εξαθειάσας, κεράσαςτε πί »νησις, μαλάτ% € ι την κοιλίαν κούρω by turning to see if any are in the crude hollowed wine inside, and the opening has left, and balanced it on an empty stomach to drink it, belly pied with will abate, and easily. But when folk books have τσίν ήτις read the old book διώη πιεί, that is drink steps.

Dioscoridis which are the same Pliny, and many other things, he describes the remedies obtainable from the Pumpkin. Peeled pumpkin juice cures ear when put on ear. It's flesh fixed to the inner end of the seed of its feet and its suppurations, which the Greeks call it the abscesses. When all the juice is boiled down stabilizes the teeth and toothache. With it boiled wine helps the eyes.

The leaves thereof were broken in pieces, & with fresh cypress imposed upon: For it also, roasted in a clay, and minced with the fat of the goose, on wounds, have a healing power. & inflammations of the head and also gives comfort to the shreds of its bark of the recent foot-rot, of infants the most. And the sacred fire or scrapings these tunnels or seeds. Juice from scrapings applied with rose oil and vinegar and heat of fevers. Remarkably, dried and placed upon burns is wonderfully healing. Chrysippus doctor disapproved of those foods. However, the consent beneficial to the stomach and internal swelling, irritation.

Pg 611

Those whom Pliny said, therefore, that heats in the head, and of the greatest infancy and origin, Dioscorides σ4gλώσιτσαδίοις is this: The σqειώθα αναιδία, however, are the children whom the inflammation of the brain and its membrane, and troubled the parties in the: for so, Paul writes: 'Σφείασις έτι φλεγμωνή των πεει τον εγκέφαλων εμή νιyίας μωeίων. Squash shavings to the firiafes and himself immediately prescribes. Ρlinius another inflammation of babies siriasim called. Οssibus a hot dog excrement found in infants, which is siriasis, libido improved.

And in other places infancy and running from the nose, leaves, and he said, in catarrhal states of of babies, which they call the siriasin, smeared a healing power. he sometimes expresses simply the Greek word a manner, so that the brain is cooled, moistened with cold water siriasesque of babies a sponge, a frog is bound most effectively in the healing to be reshaped, than the dry dominions which they confidently affirm. In these ways, Pliny siriasin with him too. Called the same request that shavings shreds are the same as Dioscorides, ξύσμαθα, and accomplish this he handed over to be refreshed, the juice of the heat of fevers, Dioscorides says that: προς χρυσοιδώην επιφάνξαν εγχειόμjυος ωφελεί, ideft, the flames of the burning of the skin on a fever is applied is, it gets help. Cornarius Or, as it turned out, the skin of the smoke of a fever the heat, and the heat, was harassed, received the profits.

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