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Cucurbita moschata

This amazing flat squash from China is causing quite a stir. The fruits possess amazing eye appeal—burnt-orange to chestnut-brown skin, covered in a waxy bloom. Each 3- to 8-pound fruit is incredibly deeply ribbed, and most unusual of all is the way the top of each fruit dramatically recurves toward the stem, sometimes completely enfolding it. The red-orange flesh is very sweet and of very high quality. Use in soups, purées, cakes, and sweet dishes of all types. They are great keepers, too, easily lasting 3-4 months. One of the most intriguing squashes we offer, and a new favorite here. We found seeds for this most beautiful variety from a Chinese seed seller, who had a small stand setup in Fang, Thailand. The most interesting squash we have found in years. 130 days.

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