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"The modern indigenous kitchen has smells and flavours I promise you won’t find anywhere else... lynx front quarters can be treated almost similar to rabbit but not really if that makes sense?! The hind quarters are much more muscular therefore need more time at a low indirect heat... the front quarters deboned and rolled and roasted with plants from its environment? Why not. It makes sense... chef tip: predatory species should be cooked past medium well because of trichinosis which your customers will tend to want to avoid because who likes getting worms? " - Rich Francis

Cezin Nottaway
Left to right
Lynx, beaver and moose.
One of these was a road kill that was picked up by Grace Full. ( the lynx)
Cut off the parts that were still good and omg, amazing!

Theresa Thusky Awesome Fire Place ...
Awesome Delicious Cooking ...
Tanya Tolley It was amazing!! Megwetch!! That lynx was delicious too!
Minda Forcier its look so good beautiul and look tasteful, I am coming hi I am a bit far!😋
Francine Anishanabe Hey I know that lynx lol... I was there when Gracie cleaned him up xx
Eleonore Nottaway Lynx!!

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