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Patiq Bone marrow ᐸᑎᖅ
Patiq Bone marrow ᐸᑎᖅ

Bone marrow ᐸᑎᖅ

#01 Photo by Cezin Nottaway
Peggie Jerome: Pasigenan
Johanne Forget: Miam Marrow to get fit for snow season. Sooo delicious Have some for me pls

#02 Photo by Cecile Panika from Whale Cove. Making paqquti out of caribou tuktu bone marrow, spring time 2015.
Pit Kuugalaaq Good stuff, yummy.
Charlene Anderson OMG ever looks so yummy make my mouth watery for this patiq like mmmm
Mandy Uluadluak My sister bestest at mikku and paqquti❤️
Mandy Uluadluak Delicacy for us itís patiq caribou bone marrow bagged in qisaruaq caribou stomach lining hanged and aged to perfection and I eat it with mikku 🤤
Leah Meeko 🤣Nunavut news should have added more info, different regions or communities do different things so some of us donít know what they are or how it is eaten
Sarah Kokseak What's paqquti means?
Sarah Kokkinerk Paqquti is candle?
Koonoo Gibbons Made my mouth all watery
Alivaktuk Andrew Yumm
Hannah Tooktoo Koneak Suna paqquti? Mamarunaaq

Caribou, bone marrow, raw (Alaska Native) per 100 grams

This food has moderate levels of all of its measured nutrients.
Glycemic Load:0
Protein 6.7g
Vitamin A 240 IU
Total Fat 84.4g

Caribou, bone marrow, raw (Alaska Native) per 100 grams Proximates Water g 7.40 Energy kcal 786 Protein g 6.70 Total lipid (fat) g 84.40 Carbohydrate, by difference g 0.00 Minerals Iron, Fe mg 4.50 Phosphorus, P mg 107 Vitamins Thiamin mg 0.040 Niacin mg 0.200 Vitamin A, IU IU 240
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