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Cucurbita moschata


Shishigatani or Toonas Makino Pumpkin

This unique Japanese pumpkin was developed in the Bunka era of the Edo period (1804-1818). It is one of the kyo yasai, or traditional vegetables in the Kyoto region. This kabocha squash is used in shojin ryori, a type of vegetarian cooking prepared by Buddhist priests. The black fruit skin is distinctly ribbed and warted and ripe when the skin turns light brown. The fine-grained flesh is a delicate light yellow color and has a delicious, nutty flavor.

Highly nutritious, and recommended to keep people from getting paralysis when eaten in the hottest part of summer.

Culinary tips: Simmer in dashi or chicken broth with soy sauce. Add mirin towards the end of cooking. Prepared in soups, stews, baked, grilled and tempura.

Seed Reviews:
Washington- Needs longer growing season. Fruits died before harvest.
RI - Not good to grow in a container, large vines.
CA - Grown successfully with decent yield in a container.
Germany - Season too short to reach maturity, started fruiting in late July.
Oregon - Grows well for the climate.
Colorado - Grows well, needs longer season.
Grown successfully in Arizona.

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