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Case 01
Case 01

Karo Lis 7 September 2018 tagAdd topics Just a reminder not to take B6
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RS: False. Block this idiot. The dose makes the poison. 11 litres of water and you'll dilute your serum sodium so much your heart will stop. This lie presented above has been around for countless decades and has prevented many people from getting the one thing that works against: migraines, epilepsy and depression. In the book doctors are taught from, for epilepsy, it says flat if all prescriptions drugs don't work try B6 and magnesium. They work of course because a deficiency of them us the primary cause of the above three conditions and one need only scan the last 70 years literture to see that. B6 is not "toxic", it is "essential to life". A toxin is a substance that is harmful to human life and made by plants or animals. No plant or animal make pyridoxine (B6) and it's essential to, not harmful to, human health. You just read about one person's fingers tingling for whatever reason. Maybe it's even true. But they reasoned that for them, the dose was too high. Other people may not fund it even begins to work until 3x that. What you have to keep in mind is "neuropathic pain" is unverifiable. And has been the excuse to supress this since the late 1950s. Does anybody know somebody it actually ever happened to? Even once? Ever? Me either.
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