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Jacqui Sexton
23 September at 13:40 ·
COLLECTIVE-EVOLUTION.COM 97 Percent of Europe Doesn’t Put Hydrofluorosilicic Acid In Their Water – Why Do We? For over 60 years, governments have been adding fluoride to drinking water supplies all over the world. Since then, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction over time as communities all over the world have come together to stop water fluoridation within their communities. Examples in Europe include Austria...

Richard Sexton Because it's good for your teeth and no harm has ever been proven from it's use. Did you miss that part?
Also, it's an aluminum antagonist. Where it use used it chases aluminum from thw body thus lowering the alzheimer's rate. 1

Jacqui Sexton Richard Sexton no it's a by product of aluminium get your facts straight, which is linked to the cause of is poison. You have swallowed a lie.

Richard Sexton I know what you're trying to say, which is Hydrofluoric acid is a byproduct of aluminum extraction and that's true.
Pure sodium flouride is not harmful and beneficial.
Impurities in industrial hydrofluoric acid are harmful but have zero to do with fluoride. Peter Levy write a book about this, your library can probably get it.
There is no clinical evidnce pure flouride is harmful in any way, it's been looked at in hundreds if not thousands of research papers, not one could fine harm. The ones that purport to, are either written by complete nutters or are grossly misleading. I stand by the statement no harm from fluoride can be found in any credible witten work. Show otherwise.
The worse case of fluorosis (excess fluoride) ever made a complete recovery. If it's so bad, why isn't she dead or maimed for life but instead made a 100% recovery.
Fluoride is an aluminum antagonist, F chases aluminum from the body. Aluminum, unlike Fluoride, IS harmful.
Where's the pile of bodies? Where's the harm?
Are you aware there's more fluoride in a cup of tea than in four gallons of fluoridated water? It's in all green and black tea.
1) Peter Levy MD, JD
2) Skeletal Fluorosis Due to Excessive Tea Drinking
3) Fluoride and its Antagonists: Implications for Human Health
Harold D. Foster, Ph.D.
Thomas E. Levy ISOM.CA
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