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Case 04
Case 04

Richard Sexton
24 July 2018 ·…/6bfb647e3a526fecc775bd9877bb86…
"There’s a new drug for smallpox — but it’s a disease that doesn’t exist By Nicole Ireland" 1) Smallpox still exists because Clinton blocked the order to destroy the last of it. All other countries (Russia, UK, South Africa) have destroyed theirs. 2) We began eradicating smallpox, which showed up 30,000 years ago, 300 years ago. Only the US has any now. Any smallpox outbreaks by definition from not on come from there. 3) lab outbreaks show it's not dead. It continues to kill from lab accidents. 4) The Americans used it routinely in war: Also in 1952, John W. Powell, an American journalist, reported in the English language China Monthly Review: The American invaders, by systematic spreading of smallpox, cholera and plague germs over North Korea have shocked and horrified the entire world. Biohazard: Unit 731 and the American Cover-Up Brandi Altheide Faculty Mentor/Sponsor – Dr. Roy Hanashiro University of Michigan-Flint…/Research_and_S…/MOM/b.altheide.pdf 5) The drug mentioned here blocks the exit of the virus out of the cell once it's dead. Selenium on the other hand blocks entrance to the cell and the host cell survives. Fascinating news from the patent medicine industry CBC News but it only works against one wjole virus Selenium works against all viruses. $80 per dose compare for $6/mo for selenium.…/Lipinski632014BJMMR14858……/281479150_Ebola_Outbreak_in_… Strong enough for Ebola, but it'll work on your cold and the kids flu. There no reason for anybody to die of influenza this season. Is that clear enough CBC ?
LINKS.LISTS.CBC.CA Member Centre Members SECOND OPINION | A new drug for smallpox — a disease that doesn’t exist
Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton See also:
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Richard Sexton Ponder the significance of this: Selenium Deficiency Causes Flu Virus To Mutate Into More Dangerous Forms

Sean Michael Hartnett Out of curiosity, why virology as a study or hobby? I can understand primitive, i.e. undeveloped, emergence of disease as an interest, but why the fascination with industrial disease?

Richard Sexton Two reasons, first, I did biology in school right up to university. Zero viruses, they're a complete mystery. So I read everything. They're not that mysterious but they are interesting. Note that Feynman switched from physics to virology. Second, industrial diseases fall into the "diseases of modern man" bucket, somewhere along the way things happened that should not have much to our detriment; there is a chance we are only living half as long as we should.

The point here is the madness of coming up with a very expensive cure to a disease that can't occur unless we make a point of infecting people with it, and after if should have been destroyed but wasn't,it killed three people in lab accidents and the irony is, between the chinese, the baka and god knows who else, we have, in certain sectors of humanity, ways of cur9ng and preventing this with a tiny amount of a dietary supplement.

Just because this has been lost or obfuscated means nothing. The fact remains the Chinese, a the very least have had a cure for this for thousands of years, and Ayurvedic medicine in India is older than that (I just don't know as much about it)
This is to me like NASA claiming it's come out with a new formulation of blinker fluid.
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