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Q: JeremyandRebekah West shared Janessa Whatcott's photo to the group: Liposomal Vitamin C. Can anyone send them some good info about Vit. C to help their child fighting cancer? She added their mailing address at the bottom.

In 2007 Potter and Burke were able to isolate the substance required by te body to allow it to naturally kill the cancer cells that are in all animal life at all times. We know this because there is a specific enzyme called CYP 1B1 that only occurs in cancerous and not human cells. A substance in ou diet has been redueced by almost 90% because of the action of certain chemical sprays. Thus we no longer get enough of this from our diet. You can uy this stuff inexpensively, over the counter, from one website in Canada that sells the product which is made in Britain. Please go to Google Scholar and type in the words "potter burke CYP 11" For references, if you look on youtube, you'll find two excellent explanatory videois by burke, one 11 minutes and one 90 minutes where he explains in lay terms how and why this works. N ote he is a professor emeritus of metabolic pharmacology for London Doctors Hosptial in the UK.

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