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‎Paul OBrien‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS
Your brain is 78% cholesterol and if you do things to reduce your cholesterol you can cause health problems the major studies recently show that your cholesterol should be above 200 as you get older so the only reason to take niacin instead of niacinamide is to lower cholesterol. People people with higher cholesterol live longer.
I take with Dr. Hubbard recommends and that is six 500 mg tablets of niacinamid each day like Dr. Hoffer recommends.
By taking niacinamide my pain allow me to get 100% range of motion back and I've been feeling great since I started taking niacinamide.
Niacinamide is much better than niacin. I am 83 years old.

RS: Cholesterol is a family of chemicals that occur in many species.
Some of these are raw materials used to make vit D when UBV hits you from the sun. Everybody knows you make vit D from the sun but did you know what it's made from? Cholesterols. D is a secosterol, one ring is broken from a cholesterol.
Others, like VHDLDL are made in the liver from fructose and cause CVD. (See Lustig's sugar video for a good explanation of this biochemical pathway)
They're not a homogeneous bunch!

Frank B: So Richard do you completely agree with these high cholesterol numbers as being healthy

RS: Frank some should be high some should be low. VHDLDL you want none of, that's the one niacin eats. the others you want to be on the high range of normal. high is better than low here though. the link to CVD was esclisifvly fro VHLDL and fructose, not dietary intake of cholesterol or fat. That turned out to be an error in one linear regression in one book. Lustigs video explains this well.

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