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Evelyn Trista
January 13 2019
Hi guys, this might not be the school-related question, but do you have any suggestion for the best vitamin works for daily fatigue? A sip of daily caffeine doesn't seem to be working anymore haha
All energy in the body is made int he citric acid cycle of the mitochondria, the "powerhouse of the cell". Please understand all energy from all our cells is made of this.
Citric acid cycle is a complex biochemical pathway, that uses about a dozen chemicals as precursors or raw materials, all of these we make except for 3 which we have to eat. The three we cannot make are 1)citric acid, 2)ascorbic acid, 3)nicotinic acid. People often do not have quite enough of these.
Citric acid is best taken as juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water first thing int he morning. Ascorbic acid is $5 at Bulk Barn in the canning aisle. Take a teaspoon or two in warm water or with lemon juice.
Niacin is free on the Ontario Dug Benefit. Take 1-3 a day with food until you find the right level for you. You may require more than this but most people don't. Even doing one of these things will help. Doing all three is your best shot at peak energy.
You should first rule out you're not sick by talking to your doctor and you should see him anyway because you need to see them for the script for niacin otherwise you're paying $12.
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