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04/01/18 Anthony G Carroll: Hi All....Happy New year to everyone.
I wanted to share these 2 videos of my beloved and amazing mother.
I care for my mother (with amazing help from my father) My mother was diagnosed with Mild Dementia March 2016.
She also has a number of other health issues, including Type 1 Diabetes & Severe Mobility issues. Major challenges but ones I have been more than happy to meet to maker her life (and my fathers life) more comfortable and happier.
My mothers mobility has been severely damaged after a hip fall at her home Oct 2014. However, it has been made considerably worse by some god damn awful surgeries and feeble Rehabilitation by the Medical System over here in Ireland.
She has never recovered really and is mainly confined to wheelchair to get around and relies on myself for transfers to and from bed/chair etc.
The most recent surgeries happened between Sept and Nov last year. iIt turned out, the hospital where doing everything in their power to prevent myself and my father from taking my mum home, where she wanted to be and where she would be well looked after as she has been.
During this time and up until Dec 11th when we finally managed to get her out of the hospital, her Dementia became very severe, which often is the case during hospital stays. However, on this occasion, the hospital told myself and my father that my mother was a very ill woman, her Dementia was severely worse and her heart was showing signs of big issues. We where told, she 'could have a heart attack at any moment'..Awful to hear...
It turned out, it was all lies. I will explain all in another post to follow.
In the meantime, I put my mum on a powerful detox, immune boosting, brain nourishing, enriching nutrient rich nutritional plan including
Niacin B3 & High dose Vitamin C..
The Niacin did seem to cause strong sleepiness and fatigue at 1st, but after altering the dose etc, she is so much more alert.
The before and after videos attached are only 3 weeks apart. It shows the rapid improvement. I will continue to help my mum to improve. The body and brain can heal themselves when the right cleansing and nourishment is given. At least, allowing my mum a happier, longer life....If i was to have listened to the Hospital medics or left my mother under their care, well she would not have lasted long at all...
I am happy to send details of the complete natural nutritional program my mother is on at home...
Before video
After video

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