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My daughter (age 18) is nutritionally deficient (high-sugar, junk food, and processed food diet), which has consequently resulted in nutritional depression. She's done 2 suicide attempts in a 6-week period, both drug overdose.
"Depression is a symptom. Depression is not a condition. Itís not an illness; itís simply a symptom." Dr. Hyla Cass

She's been in counseling therapy with a psychotherapist. However, I found out that a general practitioner prescribed citalopram (Celexa), which, like all other antidepressants, has a mile-long list of adverse side effects and is a suicidal-causing medication.
She didn't take citalopram consistently if at all, though, so possibly the med isn't to blame for the suicide attempts; thus, this is why I believe her suicidal tendencies stem from nutritional depression, which, in turn, stems from nutritional deficiencies and lack of emotional coping skills and other history which I won't go into at this time.
Her 1st suicide attempt was right before Halloween (took a handful of sleeping pills, and slept it off). Her 2nd suicide attempt was December 1st (took a handful of citalopram) and ended up in the ER. She was staying with her father during both attempts, but she's staying with me now so I could get her through the niacin sauna detox (I have the best full-spectrum infrared sauna on the market). This detox protocol is beginning to help eliminate both of the overdose drugs from her body, in addition to other toxins. (How do I know? She is now reexperiencing the adverse side effects of the drugs as a result of the drugs and toxins being released from her fat cells and dumped into her circulatory system.)
I've also implemented an organic grass-fed dietary protocol so as to address her nutritional deficiencies, thereby addressing the depression. In addition, she takes excellent vitamins by Dr. Ben Lynch and Bulletproof.
We are waiting for her outpatient therapy day program to begin this week. We've gotten testing done with a functional medical doctor, who stated my daughter definitely has nutritional deficiencies. We are waiting on the results from this doctor.
With regard to niacin therapy for detox, she is up to 300mg niacin, only once a day with NO flush. This indicates she's ready to increase dosage according to the detox protocol. With all the above said, I would like to get her up to the necessary therapeutic dosages of niacin equally distributed throughout the day, which will facilitate healing and managing the depression and anxiety.

WHEW! She's come a long way in only a week! We will continue to push forward. I appreciate any input from the group, and I feel this will be instrumental in literally saving my daughter's life! Thank you!

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