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03/14/18 Q: ‎Ross Brunton‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS 13 hrs My sister had a contraceptive implant for 1 year. Recently she was diagnosed with low estrogen. It will be 1 year in July since she had it removed. I know vitamin D, omega 3s, B complex, selenium, C and E and zinc are all good for hormones. Does anyone have information about dosage or experience treating low estrogen. These appears to be more info on estrogen dominance. I know about maca so no need to discuss that here . Thanks

RS: Estrogen like insulin and serotonin is a neurotransmitter.

Serotonin is the happy juice depressives lack.
Insulin is what type II diabetic lack.
Estrogen is what your sister lacks.

Here's the thing, in many cases the neurotransmitter is not actuallylacking and this apparwnt medical mystery is best exemplified by their description of type ty diabetes: "there is enough insulin in the body but the body just doesn't seem to be able to use it" ans that's true of all three of these.

Also, what does the body need to make estrogen? I don't know either but if you look it up you're going to find substances the body makes, there's always enough of them, but there's also things we must eat and can not make. Take a lot of those and that along may help.

As for the neurotransmitted efficiency reduction this is explained by horrobin

Ross Brunton Her blood tests show low estrogen. They didn't say she couldn't uptake it.

RS: ..horrobin's hypothesis which very roughly stated says over time replacement of the correct omega 3 fats in the cellular membrane where neurotransmitters are, with too many animal or trans fats (especially!) results in a decreased efficiency of the neurotransmitter in that case. Why is pretty boring ans has to do with molecular geometry and stuff which I can explain if you like but what you probably really want to know is how to fix it.

Freshly ground flax meal and organic sunflower lecithin daily. It takes 3-12 months to work completely as those compromised cells need to be replaced with cells that do not have a corrupted endoplasmic reticulum.

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