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Debbie-Lee Sorensen 16 May at 08:03 · tagAdd topics I’ve just become aware that niacin supplementation negatively effects insulin resistance. I think I might need to take a break from it and see how I go. Also, I've been battling weight gain - maybe it is this?
The problem is carbs. Avoid them like the plague. Effect of Niacin on Carbohydrate Metabolism Before 1960, I found that in a few patients niacin increased the glucose tolerance. In one-third of the diabetic patients it increased the need for insulin slightly, in onethird there was no change and in the last one-third the need for insulin was decreased. Siblings of diabetics were more apt to show abnormal glucose tolerance tests. Parsons found no difficulty in using niacin in diabetics taking oral hypoglycemics, but recommended against giving it to patients with diabetes type one. I have given it to type one diabetics in order to lower cholesterol levels and to protect them against the sequelae of diabetes and it has been very effective. Elam et al.29 concluded, “lipid modifying dosages of niacin can be safely used in patients with diabetes and niacin therapy may be considered as an alternative to statin drugs or fibrates for patients with diabetes in whom these agents are not tolerated or fail to sufficiently correct hypertriglyceridemia or low HDL-C levels”. Negative and Positive Side Effects of Vitamin B3 A. Hoffer M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P.(C)1 Admins: Might wanna sticky this paper. It's pure gold and from the horses mouth.
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