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Richard Coulthard
23 May at 05:55 ·
Any research or proof for taking higher levels of all B vitamins for a wide range of illnesses..especially those caused by Lyme disease and its many coinfections?

Zelda Zonk
High-dose thiamine improves the symptoms of fibromyalgia. - PubMed - NCBI NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
Paula Shepherd I think this is covered in the books recommended xx
Richard Sexton Dr. Tom Levy is a board certified thoracic surgeon and an attorney and he's the reason intravenous vitamin C is now legal in New Zealand as a "registered drug" any doctor or patient can ask for in any hospital or clinic there because it saved a man's life who was in a coma from swine Flu and the doctors were about to pull the plug on life support. He's fine today. These are his comments on the Riordan Clinic site, they have the greatest success with treating mental disease with these therapeutic agents.
"Acute Lyme Disease
A young woman in Pennsylvania was bitten by a pathogen-carrying tick, developed the classical Lyme-associated rash, and proceeded to get very ill over the next seven to ten days. She received several infusions of vitamin C at her house. The first infusion was 100 grams, and her caregiver reported that she seemed much improved upon the completion of that infusion. Five more infusions of 50 grams each were given over the next two days. By the time that 72 hours had passed, she was completely well, never having a clinical relapse or any chronic Lyme symptoms.
Chronic Lyme Disease
A woman with a 12-year history of chronic Lyme disease, documented by blood testing, desired having regular and prolonged high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy for her condition. Under the aegis of a prescribing physician who had attended one of my presentations of vitamin C, a nurse practitioner was able to give the patient what she wished.
This individual had already been taking liposome-encapsulated vitamin C and glutathione orally without a significant improvement in her condition. On four consecutive days, she received infusions of 25, 50, 75, and then 100 grams of vitamin C. Then, for 19 more days, she received 5 or 6 infusions weekly of 100 grams of vitamin C in each infusion. Until day 23, she felt no improvement. However, she was determined to continue in spite of the lack of improvement and the increasing expense of the whole process. On day 23, the nurse practitioner reported that she looked like a new person, and that it was like a “switch was flipped” and she was well. At her request, the patient received another week of 100 gram daily infusions to be sure her condition was truly resolved, a very good idea on her part. About a month later, her Lyme blood testing was completely negative.
A physician reported to me similar experiences with a series of Lyme patients, who showed no positive clinical response after an extended number of vitamin C infusions, then had a dramatic, abrupt clinical resolution of their condition, very much as described above."
The Clinical Impact of Vitamin C: My Personal Experiences as a Physician - Riordan Clinic RIORDANCLINIC.ORG

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