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Aimee Mountjoy
17 September 2018
Is anyone else on here taking niacin because they have a B3 deficiency?
RS: It doesn't work like that. If you look at the biochemistry of human evolution there were changes in diet that drove changes in te brain, in size complexity and increased specialization. Here's the catch, the unusually rapid development of the brain was because od dietary shirts that emphasized large amount os especially omega 3 fatty acids and commensurate very high levels of the various enzymes and minerals the body requires that we can not make. This was a result of being a hunter gatherers that always lived near the sea. The biochemistry of this is very well understood now even to the point where we have detailed levels of this stuff. Long story short we've evlved to the point where we'd have to eat 5000g of skeletal meat to get the amount of niacin our body could potentially use. An more would not be used, but about that much is optimal. Now, it's possible to live on much less but issues start to pop up as levels go lower.
So, if you're not taking at least near gram doses of niacin you're probably able to get by ok but it's noting compared to what it's like when metabolism is stepped up to a great fraction of what it's capable of.
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