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Charle-Pan Alison Rockwell Dawson:
People complain that the LivOn brand is the best but it's so expensive...not me, I was having IV treatments of 25 grams and 50 grams each day for acute and chronic virus. Those IV treatments cost $140 and $190 each time and most of the vit C delivered at such a fast rate, spilled over capacity and into urine. I was peeing every twenty minutes, lost a lot of minerals, and became dehydrated and the effect of high serum levels peaked at three hours and then fell off at five. After five hours my acute symptoms reappeared. I asked my nurse, could I get a pump, like an insulin pump that would provide a constant supply of C? That would be liposomal C was my answer. So now I take 12-30 grams per day liposomal C at a cost of $12-$30 per day. It's spread out over the course of the day and is working. I am starting to feel like a normal person again. I am so thankful. This has been a life changing event for me. Now I am wondering how I will travel with so much vitamin c in my suitcase. And what about the long term effect of so much PC? Phosphatidylcholine...I am trying to eventually taper down to 10 grams per day then maintain at six grams for the long haul. I don't know if that is possible yet. But with the liposomal delivery method my lymphocytes are charged with the vitamin c they need to put this virus to bed. I can travel with it in my purse and not be hooked up to a pvc bag of liquid for three hours. Liposomal C is by comparison, a lot cheaper than the alternative, and more effective at fighting viruses than the ups and downs of Intravenous delivery because a constant supply is needed to bathe the tissues.
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