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If there are zero side effects from the shot, that's fine, the measles model works - for measles. Now, is it the only way to cure measles? Is it a good idea to rely on a monoculture of prevention? What happens to people that are allergic to whatever they grow the vaccine in? You name it, eggs or horses, somebody is going to be allergic to them. So for those people that can't get a shot how is it fair we have one way and one way only to defeat this? It's the 21st century ffs, and injections have been around for 300 years and excuse me but the founding of molecular biology has a few things to say when the vaccine industry wold stfu. How's that flu shot working out for you? Got #'s? Why can't we eradicate polio? How well did vaccine technology work against Ebola? Where did the type specimen for filovirus come from? Why is SV40 such an issue of current concern? Why did we not "bother" to mention we've known since 76 some people get ebola and don't even get sick. You know there's one school of thought that says if we figured that out we might not need any vaccine. Any idea why this idea was never pursued? If you know so much about this can you provide answers to these questions please?

Can you explain these? "We've now seen several cases that don't have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases," said Anavaj Sakuntabhai who suggested the virus might be mutating. 29 January 2015 Last updated at 00:55 Ebola Not Mutating, Scientists Say Wednesday, May 13, 2015 British nurse cured of Ebola credits new drug - and strawberries "Back in Britain, the decision to try MIL 77 was not difficult. I said I have Ebola, so, yes, Id rather have that than high-dose vitamin C, she said" I reckon Ive had 10 punnets, joked Corporal Anna Cross, who smiled nervously as she talked for the first time after her treatment at the Royal Free Hospital in north London." (10 punnets would be about equal to two 1000mg injections a day)

Do youhave an explanation why the r-naught factor change from 2.0 to .2 in the third week of October which caused it to die out? Pretty good trick preventing the infection in 36,000 poeple with 7 doses of Zmapp which even Wiki says "doesn't work". 'Splain virus to us then, go on.

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