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Vaccine -Flu

Richard Sexton
17 September at 14:35 ·
June 27, 2019, 12:11 PM EDT
By Associated Press
The flu vaccine turned out to be a big disappointment again.
The vaccine didn't work against a flu bug that popped up halfway through the past flu season, dragging down overall effectiveness to 29 percent, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.
The flu shot was working well early in the season with effectiveness put at 47 percent in February. But it was virtually worthless during a second wave driven by a tougher strain, at just 9 percent. There was "no significant protection" against that strain, said the CDC's Brendan Flannery.
NBCNEWS.COM This season's flu vaccine was no match for the bug that popped up near the end
This season's vaccine was one of the least effective in recent years.
8You, Marty Michener, Neal R. Foster and 5 others
Richard Sexton Canada2016: Flu shot effectiveness for 2015-16 disappointing, data shows
Canada2017: This year's flu shot may be ineffective, but you should still get it
Canada2018: Last year's flu vaccine wasn't very effective. This year's looks more promising
Canada2019bad: Worst start to flu season since 2010
ChildAndMom2019: "The flu shot this year also has little protection"
Canadian protocol reveals flu shot doesn't work as well as scientists once thought | CBC News CBC.CA

Shanice Constantinescu Richard Sexton wow. They're doing such a great job with all of that money, eh? Good because for a second there I thought all they did was party the money away.........

Shanice Constantinescu Richard Sexton also going to copy your links and share them to the post on my page if you dont mind

Peter Evans it dont work anyway 2

Seth Meyer Worked for me last year. Everyone else in the house got the flu and I was the lucky one ... who got to care of them all!

Shanice Constantinescu Seth Meyer if you look into it, flu vaccines will reduce flu symptoms but still have a dramatically negative impact on the brain and body and immune system 2

Shanice Constantinescu Some basic ascorbate acid, aka pure vitamin c, would have done the same but actually improved the immune system and even allow the body to detox any trapped toxins 2

Seth Meyer I'll keep that in mind, Shanice, when I get my next flu shot. :) How does the shot adversely affect the brain and body's immune system?

Shanice Constantinescu Seth Meyer have you looked into the ingredients? 1

Seth Meyer Shanice Constantinescu Yes, but it's a vaccine... not a cocktail from your local bar.

Richard Sexton You can't actually prove the vaccine stopped you from getting the fly Seth for a couple of reasons.
First, that not what it does. It's supposed to make the symptoms less, but they don't make claim is prevents infection. Only you do.
Second, there is no way you can show you didn't get the flu because of X without an explanation. Absnet this it's coincidence.
Third, most people don't get the flu.
Now, if you don't want to get the flu and for a reason, eat two brazil nuts a day. It's been nearly a decade since anybody in my family had the flu. My second wife died ot it.
Why don't you read these two papers. You're a smart guy, y0ou can suss it out.
Lipinski 2015:
Thomson 2008: 2

Shanice Constantinescu Seth Meyer I'm not fully convinced that you've looked at the full list of ingredients either. Vaccines are a cocktail of poisons. It's okay, vaccines companies are not paying you to agree with them. They are paying your doctor to tell you they are effective. 1

Richard Sexton Seth Meyer The numbers are not on your side Seth. Over the past 20 years we've vaccinated up to 65% of people against flu.
The idea was to make the rate of death from flu go down. It didn't Instead it went up.
You can argue till your blue in the face (no pun intended) about this but you can't change the numbers.
Belief that the flu shot works suggests an investment in the industry not a sound understanding of human physiology and epidemiology at best and the lack of reading comprehension skills at worst. Is there some other way to interpret this data Seth?
Increases death rate.
If you think this article is wrong Seth why don't you write a rebuttal and submit it?
The Atlantic covered this issue from the lay press perspective years ago.
The Atlantic, November 2009
Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population JAMANETWORK.COM

Seth Meyer Richard Sexton This study was for people >65 years old.

Richard Sexton Very clever Seth. The point remains, when you immunize 65% of people and expect the rate of death to go down and it goes up youhave "an issue". Notice the results are age adjusted. It says that right in the paper. Notice also the article that points out a lifetime of flu shots makes you more susceptible to death by flu.
Why is that ? In a word, "epitopes".
These articles explain how and why:
"Influenza vaccines seem to be modifying influenza into a dangerous dengue-like disease"
How Swine Flu Killed the Healthy
"The reason, according to Polack, is that their immune systems' programming backfired. After looking at lung samples from 75 young and middle-aged adult victims of the 2009 pandemic, they found an uncanny amount of a protein called C4d, a molecule that normally binds to antibodies to form virus-fighting immune complexes."
"When antibodies fight a virus under normal conditions, Polack says, they call in C4d, a compound that can destroy viruses. In the case of flu, most people had antibodies to seasonally circulating influenza strains, but these antibodies were a poor match to the pandemic virus. Although they recognized the virus and latched on to it, they weren't able to stop it from replicating, says Polack. When the antibodies and the C4d formed the immune complexes, Polack speculates that the system spiraled out of control. Instead of punching holes in the viruses, the immune complexes punched holes in the victims' veins and flooded their lungs with water and plasma. "The immune system gets fooled into activating this particular immune defense, and it causes harm," says Niranjan Bhat, an infectious disease physician at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, Maryland, who was not part of the research.
This was less likely to happen in young children and infants, with few or no antibodies against seasonal flu strains, says Polack. And elderly people had antibodies to the H1N1 strain that circulated in the United States until 1957—a descendant of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918—which are known to be a much better match to the 2009 H1N1 strain; so the flood of C4d generally didn't occur in them. When the team looked at lung samples from victims of the seasonal flu, they found only trace amounts of C4d, which seemed to confirm their suspicions.
Not everyone is convinced. "There's no doubt that those immune complexes are there," says virologist Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. "The question is, are those antibody complexes there because there's another problem, or are those antibodies there causing the problem?"
But epidemiologist Thomas Reichert of the Entropy Research Institute in Lincoln, Massachusetts, finds Polack's hypothesis completely plausible. There's not much that could cause this kind of lung damage except an invasion of T lymphocytes (the immune system's "warrior cells"), he says, and Polack found no evidence of that. The immune system's overreaction, says Reichert, is "kind of a last-ditch way of handling something. ... If we can't identify you specifically enough, but we know there's a lot of you, we're just going to blow the whole damn place up."
"Flu Vaccine—Too Much of a Good Thing?"
"In one year of the study, it appeared that multiply vaccinated subjects were actually more likely to develop influenza than unvaccinated subjects "
"A similar effect was noted during the 2009 influenza A virus subtype H1N1 pandemic when increased rates of pandemic H1N1 were reported in patients who had previously received seasonal H1N1 vaccine in Canada [8]"
"The authors speculate that this might be consistent with a disease-enhancing effect of influenza vaccine. Vaccine-enhanced disease has been recognized as a potential problem in other human infectious diseases such as dengue [10] and respiratory syncytial virus [11], and can be a significant obstacle to vaccine development. There is relatively little evidence to support any form of enhanced influenza disease in humans, although disease enhancement by low-avidity antibodies with deposition of immune complexes in the lungs was reported in the 2009 pandemic [12]. "
Flu can kill very very quickly. Even Ebola takes 10 days. In many ways flu is worse than Ebola. They both produce the same result, flu is just faster.
Bodybuilder dies of flu in 3 days.
"Kyler Baughman, from Latrobe, had gone home for the holidays with “a snotty nose,” his mother recalled in an interview earlier this week with WPXI. “We saw him the 23rd for our family Christmas get-together and we noticed he wasn’t feeling well,” Beverly Baughman told the news station." "Soon after, on Dec. 28, Kyler died of “organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza,” his mother told WPXI."
The Perfect Storm Behind This Year's Nasty Flu Season
A strong virus, a less-than-effective vaccine, and an IV bag shortage that goes back to Hurricane Maria.
BMJ.COM Influenza vaccines and dengue-like disease

Seth Meyer Richard Sexton
You've obviously done a lot of reading on this matter. Not sure I agree, but will read up on this before getting the shot.
Do you feel this strongly about other vaccines?

Richard Sexton Yes I did spend a few years reading about this in as much depth as I could after my second wife died of flu in 2013. Nobody in my family has had flu since.
You name a vaccine, I'll tell you what I know about it. In general they may not be what you think. They are a 300 year old practice from the school of homeopathy and have no place in the 21st century. "Like protects from like". Sheesh.
2015 CNBC: Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease
1999 Valsamakis: Altered Virulence of Vaccine Strains of Measles Virus after Prolonged Replication in Human Tissue
2005 Simonsen: Risk of death from flu increases proportionally with frequency of flu shots.
2008 CBS: The "neutral third party" boards that make vaccine guidelines are funded by vaccine producers.
2008 Filippi: Viral Trigger for Type 1 Diabetes. This includes vaccine derived strains.
2015 Moro: Inactivated influenza vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%).
2015 Read: Immunization selects for the most pathogenic forms of a virus.
2018 AAPS: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Statement against Federal Vaccine Mandates
ScienceMag: Paradoxically some vaccines make viruses worse
Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG

Seth Meyer I'll have to review this before responding to you.

Richard Sexton Thank you for doing that. My offer stands though, name a vaccine and I'll tell you why it's not needed and hasn't helped.
Or should we just start with Polio? Ever wonder why it's not extinct yer? Because vaccines spread disease.
Economist 2018: "As of 2017 vaccine-derived polio cases now outnumber those from the wild polio virus" Nyt: Polio in Nigeria Traced to Mutating Vaccine
Rotary 2017: Understanding the recent polio outbreaks
Who-Vdv: WHO definition of a "vaccine derived virus" (vdv)
Who 2004: "stopping oral polio vaccine use as soon as it is safely possible to do so"
Even smallpox, which is supposed to be extinct. The entire world destroyed theirs, the US was supposed to but Clinton reneged at the last moment.
2007 American soldier vaccinated for smallpox three weeks before shipping out to Iraq returns home to visit his family. His two-year-old son, two weeks later, develops a severe and dangerous skin infection caused by vaccinia virus. Critically ill, the child spends seven weeks in the hospital and is successfully treated with new anti-smallpox viral therapy. Soldier’s wife also ill from smallpox, has a mild case, and recovers
Soldier’s Smallpox Inoculation Sickens Son
What is vaccine-derived polio? ECONOMIST.COM

Seth Meyer Richard, I haven't finished going through the articles, but it's been an interesting read so far. I think I might hold off on that vaccination for now.
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