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Carlo Cosmatos
26 June 2018
Internet Evolution: Another 10 Years Later
Ten years ago, I wrote an article that looked back on the developments within the Internet over the period from 1998 to 2008. Well, another ten years have gone by, and it's a good opportunity to take a little time once more to muse over what's new, what's old and what's been forgotten in another dec...
3Nii Quaynor and 2 others 6 comments
Richard Sexton Geoff Huston never got anything right. Listen to what he suggests then do the opposite.
Carlo Cosmatos IPv6 / 2
Richard Sexton Hahahahaha.
v6 will never be adopted. after 15 years there's less than a single digit % can use that completely independant network that can't talk to v4.

Carlo Cosmatos like it or not IPv6 is already adopted, the only actual way to get a unique address to be online
Richard Sexton Hahaha. It may be "adopted" according to some people but nobody is using it. They'd just love to turn v4 off but that's not ever going to happen, ever. For one thing v4 works, unlike v6. For another, V4 is way faster.
So if you want a slow network that cant talk to anything, go ahead. You don't use it. Who does? Friggin nobody. Why would they, it's slower?
Here's the hype:
"The best experience will be over V6" from ISOC.
See? They're really sure. Look how wonderful it is.
Microsoft: The Best Xbox One Gaming Experience Will Be Over IPv6 | Internet Society INTERNETSOCIETY.ORG

Richard Sexton Now, here's what actually happened when Microsoft showed up to talk about v6 and xbox. Here's a summary, but do watch it, it's hysterical. And there's Geoff Huston having reality explained to him but some dweeb from MS. From this we learned:
Nobody uses v6
The software picks the fastest connection
NAT is faster then V6.
The only way an zbox will ever do v6 is if you disable v4 and teredo. Since v6 is better than nothing (barely) it will then use that.
Otherwise, it never will.
MS dweeb also told their ISP's what seeings t change to make NAT work correctly or they'll get phone calls from their customers thanks bye.
People kept aksing "what about v6 though" and were told about ficve fucking times "nobody uses it. the xbox uses the fastest one. v6 is the slowest one".
Now do you understand the difference between v6 hype and reality on this planet.
Doing voice and video? DO you want to to be slower so you can use V6 or do you want it to run v4 and be full speed. Fwiw, there are commercial implementations that use neither v4 or v6 over ip that are even faster than either but you needn't be concerned with those details, you can just buy one and use it and not have to care about v this or v that, the hardware figures out what to do. Just like an xbox.
If they ever build a better protocol hardware will detect and use it. If it's as bad as version 9 of V6, it will continue to never ever use it.
Xbox One: IPv6, Teredo, and IPsec
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