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Richard Sexton 26 April 2019 · Since icann fucked this all up so badly why don't we just give it to facebook to run. They could do it free with ads. Grandfather all current domains. Charge a small sum for 5 year registrations and noting for renewals, eliminate the midlands tht do not add value,they're just tax. Most of this crap can be automated. There's inventive under the current system, it coddled growth, like a tumor. Why is there a need to "compete" ? That implies something isn't good enough. So fix it, do't make 2 to 10,000 broken ones, dork. This would mesh well with the ideas expressed here: Facebook has some thoughts on how the government should regulate it. 1) To prevent harmful content, the government or a 3rd party should create standards and measure internet companies against them. 2) To protect elections, we need new legislation for what types of political ads can be done and how they will be verified. 3) To protect privacy, the US should adopt a GDPR-like policy, giving people the right to choose how their information is used. 4) To ensure data portability, you should be able to move your data from one platform to another easily with a common standard. 11 11 comments Like Comment Comments Owen DeLong There are those who believe that the only solution to the problems inherent in a monopoly (lack of accountability due to inability of customers to vote with their feet) is competition. In response to this, there are lots of broken ways to implement competition such that it doesn't solve those problems, but it makes many of the people from the aforementioned belief wealthy in the process. 1 Like · Reply · 1 y Dmitry Kohmanyuk I gave on part “the government should create standards.” Too much fun 2 Like · Reply · 1 y Gene Gaines No. Hell no. 1 Like · Reply · 1 y Rubens Kuhl I believe FreeNom is doing exactly that. Like · Reply · 1 y Benny Samuelsen And you see how well that works... 🙁 Like · Reply · 1 y Write a reply... Jean Armour Polly I have ALWAYS thought ICANN should be concerned only with technical infrastructure issues and be strictly content-agnostic. Many may disagree. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like · Reply · 1 y Allison Nixon Being truly content agnostic means that spammers and ddossers must be catered to equally alongside universities and companies. Like · Reply · 1 y Write a reply... David Piscitello In the registrar case it's not competition. It's a welfare state. Competition would allow registries to choose registrars. Or better, to tell registrars that cater to criminal registrants to shop elsewhere. 1 Like · Reply · 1 y · Edited Richard Sexton Author This was sold as any registrar can sell names from any registry. Boy was that not ever true. This was sold as you can't buy direct from a registry cau there's only one, so what ends up happening is you buy from the one registrar that sells tht tld. How is this any different? I that works you may as well go thought the registry. You've just proved it works. One time I made a promotional deal with a registry, they set up their dns, I set up mine. Noting works because we needed a "registrar" to do what exactly? Won't work without it though. What a load of bollocks. How is it any different than the initial unelected icann board wanted to make oppertiutes or their friends, and we the users suffer for it and still do. In 1997 Jim Clark, founded of Netscape sais "The net disintermediates the middleman". ICANN did the opposite because a small vocal minority with fiscal interests wanted it. So what did we get? A poorly running arbitrary and capricious botched up inflated market place that lead the inventor of the spreadsheet to call ICANN: "A rent extraction scheme that's 404's half the net". Like · Reply · 1 y David Piscitello Richard Sexton you left out morally bankrupt Like · Reply · 1 y Logan Velvindron Richard Sexton Small typo "Founder of Netscape".
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