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Annalisa Roger shared a memory. 17 February 2017
This came up on my news feed today....2 years ago. .green was in the news and even mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Its a good idea and I played my part to help corporate and governments showcase responsibility towards a cleaner civilization so the little guy would have more power and information when spending their dollar. However, ICANN where I had volunteered and made many friends acted in the interest of the global public, they allowed .green (of all names) to be auctioned off for many many multi millions of dollars for short term profit and gain of a few corporate competitors. This left the popular .green TLD with huge overhead before even selling its first name. 3 years after the auction to the highest bidder, I find that I am finally at peace that my company, DotGreen could not afford to help the corporate environmental movement ..because now I know that human short term greed cannot be beat even for public good.
6 years ago
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Annalisa Roger 17 February 2015 Larkspur, CA, United States The local paper No photo description available.
Richard Sexton That sort defines icann in a nutshell.
The IFWP process worked pretty well. It it hadn't been derailed by the guy that also ran off with the NSF II fund it might have worked.
But there were lots of three letter organisations who'd spent too many tens of millions of dollars trying to prevent that from happening.
What we wanted was a legal personality for IANA. What w got was a five star fying trade show for the isoc retirees. The system now really isn't that much better than it was 18 years ago, it was implemented in a way such that it's guaranteed to fail. See above.
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Ginny Gordon Walters
It's such a shame though. You put so much time, love, energy, and thought into DotGreen.
Annalisa Roger .green itself is still a great descriptive and relevant domain name...that works and is being run by a great organization who beleives in it. But thanks to ICANN, its expensive for the little guy and it didnt have to be when I recommended it in 2007. The .green profits were squeezed out before it launched and instead by ICANN approval went to 2 competitor CEOs who recognized it's value....and took what they could with out adding any value to the system, to ICANN, or to the green movement. They never even had to own or run the operation to suckered out millions of dollars from .green and it's future. Yep, ICANN'S fault and design and human greed vs think and act for the greater good. I sound sour....but actually I am not. It took several years for me to "get over it" and just see the fall of my 10 years of effoet it for what it is...some mistakes, some naivity, and too much love, hope and trust in human nature. I am no business woman....and I thank goodness for that. It means I get to try everyday to personally be accountable for what's right.
Richard Sexton Yup. Irony: I don't put any of my green stuff there.
Alternative house construction techniques
Annalisa Roger
Cool sites....but the domain names? - not so much, lol.
Richard Sexton Oh I have a bunch of others with names I liked but nothing greenish made sense. AROID.SCIENCE
Richard Sexton Mercedes Chassis Index VINTAGE-MERCEDES.PHOTOS
Annalisa Roger Oh, so you have adopted some good new gTLDs! 🙂
Virginie Le Sourd 😿 you did everything you could with all your heart , after all that happenned you are still you : a loving humain Being , truly unique , straight , not corruptible and that's all mater . 1

Barry Shein I experienced a lot of that trying to assert my ownership of THEWORLD.GREEN, as you know it was more than a little of an ugly CF for a few months on and off. Maybe I should do something with it 🙂
Oh well, the problem, Annalisa, was that for a long time the whole nTLD program was "sold' as one thing, or a few things, but that included high-minded aspirations. Sure there was .SHOP and so forth but there was also .GAY and .GREEN and quite a few other interesting proposals.
And then almost at the last minute as the proposal period began it all became pretty much only one thing, a land grab. Not shocking really but perhaps more than a little disappointing, it could have had room for more facets of interest. But once the primary mechanism for multiple applicants became auction that fate was basically sealed. Hey don't get me started. Oh, you did! 1
Annalisa Roger Barry true you were there. We both were, actually living it for almost 10 years! What a ride, and a lot of work...and experiences and meetings with great environmentalists...that was the best! I was a CEO....and that was amazing, I got good at stuff I never would have known about...well, life rolls on as well as before and so be it...I go green in other ways and I donate so other people can save us.
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