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amazon tld

Constantine Roussos shared a link.
23 July 2017 - Another critical piece on ICANN by Kieren McCarthy - Arif Ali a common thread in all these cases that ICANN lost. Great work all around by the Amazon team presenting their case. I hope they get .AMAZON. As the expert noted (who ICANN ignored), the Brazil and Peru government can apply for .AMAZONAS. Further, how does the DNS impact the Amazon river and its community? Any relevance? Will anyone on the Board take a stance with .AMAZON and the CPE fiasco? Or will this be another lack of decision-making vicious circle that the Board ignores and kicks the can down the road? Frustrating to say the least, right?
Amazon may still get .amazon despite govt opposition thanks to a classic ICANN cockup
DNS king breaks own bylaws yet again
Rubens Kuhl The expert that noted about .AMAZONAS was in the IRP, so ICANN can't have ignored him since the decision is very new. The expert ICANN previously hired for .AMAZON said that it would be ok both for denying and for allowing .amazon.
Evan Leibovitch I raised the AMAZONAS issue in a Latin American forum. The answer back was that not two but NINE countries (believe they) can stake a claim to the name as it refers to not only the river but the forest.
Amazonians speak about .amazon | Best Bits
Constantine Roussos Author Great point
Jacqueline Morris "Indeed, in an attempt to resolve the dispute, Amazon reputedly offered to cover the costs of applying for AMAZONAS or AMAZONIA, but there were no takers. (In the region itself, as well as in many other parts of the world, the region goes by those names) "
Amazon win sets good precedent |
Constantine Roussos Author Thanks for sharing. Great article 1

Oleksandr Tsaruk Amazons are the direct ancestors of Ukrainian women. Amazons are the mythical all-female warriors that are said to have fought in the Trojan War and worked alongside Alexander the Great. So I think Amazon must go to Ukraine? Olga Cavalli 1
Rubens Kuhl DC Comics, perhaps ? 😉 1
Oleksandr Tsaruk It is not a joke, it was documented by Herodotus
Richard Sexton It's a joke, the amazons are a tribe of indigenous people in the former British Guyana. My wife is 1/8 Amazon. And the rumors are true, boys.
Constantine Roussos Author Wait, didn't the Greeks win the Trojan war? This changes everything! 🙂
Evan Leibovitch What seems apparent -- from a distance -- is that nobody in South America seems to actually want the domain for themselves. Even if left in local hands, the nine countries with a claim are not quite of common objective. They just don't want the bookstore to get it, even if it means that nobody does and it goes unused forever. I am conflicted whether such an approach serves the public interest. 3
Jacqueline Morris I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
Richard Sexton They talked to the wrong people and should have talked to the project piaba folks. The Uruguayan registry would probably have done it too, despite not being part of the Amazon basin.
Rubens Kuhl US x Brazil conflicts regarding the Amazon:
O dia em que o brasil foi invadido(legendado)
Oleksandr Tsaruk
The Amazon Women: Is There Any Truth Behind the Myth?
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