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Kevin Murphy
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· 23 June 2019 ·
On the eve of ICANN 65, suddenly Amazon's three gTLD applications are back "On-Hold" again. Changed from "Evaluation Complete". Just like ACTO (the South American governments) wanted. It does not appear that the ICANN board meeting today made any decisions on .amazon, or even discussed it, so what's going on? I can think of a few reasons this might happen. But I'm not on the ground in Marrakech.
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Leonid Todorov Kevin Murphy, those who are here in Marrakech are too busy trying tajine to focus on such microscopic issues 4
Kevin Murphy badge icon Author Dried fruit in curry? I hope you die of food poisoning.
Leonid Todorov hahaha, leave yuor hopes aside. Me? jamais! I am on a strict diet and am not allowed to take ANY local food, which is delicious BTW:) 1
Kevin Murphy badge icon Author Wonderful. Any views on .amazon?
Cherie Stubbs 😕
Rubens Kuhl That's usually the symptom of an accountability mechanism being triggered. And in fact, there is an RfR from the Colombian government (19-1) that even though BAMC ruled as non-urgent June 18th, could be impacting .amazon. Is this really the reason ? I don't know. But fits profile. 5
Barry Shein Those countries should form a consortium to manage .AMAZON and Amazon the company should put $1B into that consortium and get a bunch of domains to use out of the deal. What does Amazon (the co) even want this for? Can someone point me at another brand TLD which has been used similarly to Amazon's (co) plans? Well, of course not, that would be tipping their hand, no doubt they have history-altering secret plans for the TLD.
Allison Nixon Yeah, phishing pages LMAO

Richard Sexton .google?
Ram Mohan .barclays?
Cole Quinn
MakeWay.World | dotbrands news & brand TLD strategy | .brands
Greg Shatan .AMAZONAS is a good alternative for the region (not the brand). Live and let live.... 2
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Kevin Murphy badge icon Author This might sound more convincing coming from a South American native Spanish speaker. 1
Rubens Kuhl The odds of Amazon Inc. not filing a string confusion objection on that is like the odds of hell freezing over... 2
Kevin Murphy badge icon Author I think part of the PICs deal is a commitment that Amazon would not only not object, but would actively pay for the application. 1
Greg Shatan There’s a problem with the term “Amazonas”? Seems equally appropriate as a TLD for the region. But maybe I’m missing a linguistic nuance that a South American native Spanish speaker would catch. Always willing to learn! 1
Kevin Murphy badge icon Author Greg, until you came across this gTLD dispute, had you ever heard the word "Amazonas" before? I had not. 1
Rubens Kuhl Note that while Amazonas is the word in Portuguese and Spanish for the river, and while Amazonía is the region name in Spanish and Amazônia the region name in Portuguese, one of the OTCA countries is Guyana, whose official language is English. For them, they call Amazon both the river and the region. 4
Ole Jacobsen badge icon Rubens Kuhl What do they call the online shopping site?
Rubens Kuhl Ole Jacobsen 😉
Bienvenidos a MercadoLibre
Greg Shatan Kevin, I had heard the word Amazonas before. Then again, my son was a 2-time New York Geography Bee finalist and a geography major, so maybe I don’t have a typical household.... 2
Kevin Murphy badge icon Author Greg Shatan My son has five masters degrees.
Greg Shatan Kevin Murphy Pity about the doctorate.
Ole Jacobsen badge icon I still think the GAC needs an advisory committee: Global Advisors to the Cluless GAC, or GACGAC 😎 3
Volker Greimann badge icon To me, “Amazon” still refers to the Greek female warrior tribe of legend! Or the mail order service platform. 2
Barry Shein Is the female warrior tribe of legend a stakeholder? 1
Volker Greimann badge icon Barry Shein not sure whether they were vegetarian or not
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