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Russia DNS

Martin J. Levy is feeling connected.
11 February 2019 ∑
To be honest Iím very pro this test (unrelated to the country at-hand), well; at least from a theoretical point of view vs. an actual operational disconnect point of view.
Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test | ZDNet ZDNET.COM
Russia's internet contingency plan gets closer to reality. 12
John Reed ☺️
Barry Shein How else would they ever know if it was suddenly 1970 again? Other than Brezhnev's voice suddenly appearing on the radio. 5
Ray Bellis they'll be alright - the UK's about to do a test-run of going back to the 70's for them. 10
Maxim Alzoba quite bad translation of the actual news led to some wild ideas (usually human translated texts with the proper translator in place bring less fresh news 🙂 1
Andrei Kolesnikov Barry Shein if we see Swan Lake in prime time, itís time. 2
Barry Shein Or animal documentaries for "news".
Theo Develegas Internyet 8
Richard Sexton Translation: they stopped using the legacy USG root servers and have their own. Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Iran, China, Turkey will be using them. Poeple use tools that work.
Thanks for playing US, but the world just routed around you. Go read every word Stef ever wrote; nobody can say they didn't see this coming.
Einar Stefferud Quotes

Martin J. Levy Author Richard - Nope. The article (the one in Russian) doesnít say anything related to that comment. The google translated version says:
The main idea of ​​the document is to create a ďso-called national domain name system so that it is not replaced, and at least there is a duplicate copy of copies, so that if necessary, citizens do not feel Russia is disconnected from the root servers,Ē
I canít argue with that mindset as itís exactly what Hathi had to do after the earthquake that destroyed off-island communications. 1
Richard Sexton Martin, it's a bunch of root servers. It's been discussed here before by people who were helping to do it, it's not debatable.
I really don't care what you think a google translation of russian said.
If you really think it's anything else would you care to make a wager?
David Piscitello I can think of 50 registries and 7 registrars... do this for a day and spam would plummet 1
Maxim Alzoba wait for another day and they will rise again (I think those kind of guys go for profit, and do not care whose infrastructure or services to use).
David Piscitello Maxim Alzoba u bet
Maxim Alzoba Go to the root article , and try to use some kind of translation service to see the text in English ... check what the sentence with 'April' says in the first article, written in Russian, and you might be surprised.
Rinalia Abdul Rahim
What Happens If Russia Cuts Itself Off From the Internet

Maxim Alzoba I wonder if it was so hard to translate an item before discussing it?
Richard Sexton I wonder why people forgot we had some russians here talking bout this not that long ago. Wired jumped the shark ages ago. It's nonsnese now, not even close to right. Sad really.
Barry Shein This could destroy the computer security business. 1
Richard Sexton About time, too.
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