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2019 | Our Garden
2019 | Our Garden

blackberry -  goji -
kiwiberry -  raspberry -  red_currant -

beet -  mustard -  onion -
peas -  radish -  sweet_potato -

plants grown as companions

anise -  flavour basil -  flavour borage -  chamomile -  regenerative, flavour
chrysanthemum -  protective dill -  protective, flavour marigold -  protective morning_glory -  nasturtium -  protective cosmos -  yarrow -  parsley -  phacelia -  protective

Useful flowers & herbs

Flowers to get: marigold. Maybe chrysanthemum, nasturtium. We won't get borage as its too invasive.

Planning to grow: anise (broccoli/brassicas); calendula (broccoli/brassicas); marigold (kale, beans, squash).
Marigolds and nasturtium repel numerous squash pest insects.
Marigolds (dug into crop soil) deter nematodes.
Dill- Good companion plant to cabbages, onions, lettuce and cucumber.


Plant 2 to 5 inches apart. Plant near: broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, spinach.
Chamomile brings in the beneficial insects for brassicas. In the fall, chop it up and toss on the bed to decompose, while leaving the roots intact to decay and enrich the soil.
Sage deters cabbage moths.
Keep away from: strawberries, fennel, pole beans, tomatoes. Kohlrabi stunts tomatoes.


attracting ladybugs

Marigold brings in beneficial ladybugs to dine on the aphids.

tomato and pepper companion plants
grow_tub -
newspaper_pots -

companions and plant pairings

Companions: Planting by groups.
pepper, carrot, onions.
pepper, basil.
dill, mustard.
Put an onion next to all crops.
marigold, mustard.
Thyme, anything with cabbage moth.
Squash, radish, marigold.
Strawberries, lettuce.
Tomatoes, basil, brassica, carrot, parsley, onion, sage.
Tomatoes, lettuce, basil.

Squash-avoid brassicas.
Strawberry-avoid brassicas.
Lettuce-avoid brassicas.

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Garden log

This year we plan to get iron supplement, and probably Azomite and add them to our tomatoes: bottom layer manure, then potting mix, then a mix of manure and potting mix on top. Might also get bone and fish meal.
Also plan to use low-nitrogen fertilizer to get more fruit and less leaves this year, on tomatoes, squash, peppers.

cascabel -  C. annuum golden_cayenne -  C. annuum habanero -
jalapeno -  C. annuum lunchbox -  mini_bell -  orange_cayenne -  poblano -  C. annuum pruning -  shishito -  C. annuum sunset_pepper -  C. annuum

hot and sweet

Plant near: basil, carrots, onions, parsley, tomatoes, peas
Allium family all do well when grown in close proximity to peppers.
Spinach, lettuce and chard are suitable pepper companions.
Carrots planted near make peppers taste better.
Keep away from: fennel, kohlrabi

Crops to plant:
Squash varieties C. moschata: futzu, honeynut(hybrid), fairytale
Tomato varieties: yellow cherry, sword, black tomatoes
Pepper varieties: poblano, jalapeno, sweet sunset peppers, sweet purple

Have these seeds and growing them this season: Thai purple basil, escarole, purple tomatillo

fairytale -
futsu -  honeynut -

Winter squash

It is said that planting 3 or 4 icicle radishes around the mound where you plant squash, and allowing them to grow and bloom, will prevent most pests of squash and cucumber.


Seed start Dec - Feb. Transplant 3 weeks after last frost.
Tricky to start from seed, might need to buy cuttings.

These plants respond strongly to nearby plants. Couple them with beans, borage, garlic, lettuce, onions, peas, spinach, and thyme. Avoid Brassicas and fennel.

cossack_pineapple -  deep_purple -  indian_strain -
purple_de_milpa -  rendidora -  verde -

Heirloom tomatoes at Sweet Potato Sept 2018
aurega -  Big_White_Pink_Stripe -  large field type. Bright yellow with slight pink inside. black_oxheart -  5 stripe dark red tomato  -medium -og black_plum -  cherokee_purple -  large field type
grape_tigrella -  grape size, red colour green_sausage -  cherry-roma size green_zebra -  indigo_rose -  medium, round kumato -  matts_wild_cherry -  multi-color_cherry -  small multicolored heirloom tomato orange -  red_pear -  small_red_multicolor -  tigrella_red -  tumbling_tom -  ukraine_sword -  long roma type yellow_currant -  yellow_grape -  grape size yellow_tomato_pink_inside -  medium sized, round

Plant near:
Cabbage and Cauliflower family
onion, chive, garlic
sage, parsley, rosemary
marigold, mint, calendula (pot marigold), lemon balm, mustard

Sage invigorates tomato plants.
Basil improves the flavor and growth of garden crops, especially tomatoes and lettuce.
Tomatoes and celery repel cabbage worms.
Keep away from: fennel, kohlrabi, potatoes, walnuts. Kohlrabi stunts tomatoes.

black_currant -  black_goji -  dwarf_blueberry -  elderberry -
hanging_blackerry -  Blackberry Black Cascade hanging_blueberry -  heirloom_carrot -  peppers -  raspberry_glen_coe -  romanesco -  sea_buckthorn -  tomatoes -

Plants and seeds to look out for

Would grow if possible: luffa, beans, broccoli, heirloom carrots, peas, romanesco, rhubarb
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